Managing Multiple Projects With Raken

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how to manage multiple construction sites

Remember that picture of Dr. Seuss's Cat in the Hat where he is juggling about ten different items while balancing on a ball? Well often times, that animated fiction is a construction project manager's strenuous reality, every day. Managing multiple construction projects is very difficult and when everything is being documented and shared in an inefficient way, it makes the job even harder. 

But managing construction projects doesn't have to be so difficult. In fact, with construction project management software like Raken, you have the capacity to oversee even more jobs with an even lower degree of difficulty.

The Problem with Traditional Construction Project Management

If you're a project manager in construction, or any other role that involves managing and supervising multiple jobsites, then you are far too familiar with the struggle of keeping track of how all these projects are doing. You likely have a clipboard full of miscellaneous documents and a phone ringing off the hook as you hurry from one jobsite to another, making sure everything is going as planned.

You are receiving daily reports from superintendents on the sites, keeping track of materials, delays, daily issues, and all kinds of curveballs. Eventually, It comes to a point where too much is too much. When six or seven jobs start piling up on top of each other, it's easy to get lost and want to quit all together. Sometimes, it just seems impossible to keep up. On top of everything, being a good project manager isn't just all about keeping up, it's about monitoring jobs, cleanly communicating progress with clients, and remaining organized in the process of it all. 

Construction Project Management App Software Saves The Day

Enter your new personal assistant: construction project management app software. Construction apps like Raken take these stressful tasks and make them easy. With Raken, data for all of your projects is stored in one place, can be accessed while you're out and about or in the office, and can be seen with real-time visibility.

These factors change the game for construction project management and allow you to take on a greater amount of work with greater ease. One customer mentioned that before using Raken, he could handle managing six or seven projects at most. With Raken, he is able to comfortably manage ten projects at once... here's how:

All Your Project Data in One Place

Jumbled paper documents, excel spreadsheets, text message daily reports, random PDF's from subcontractors...this cocktail of documentation is all too common for construction project managers and is compounded while managing multiple projects, which plays a big part in making project management very difficult. However, in this day and age, it's important to take advantage of resources like the cloud, where you can organize and host all of your important documents in one place. 

With Raken, daily reports, photo documentation, time cards, work logs, and more are conveniently dated and stored in the cloud. Within the app, you have the ability to see your data by project, and within each project, easily navigate through work logs, notes, attachments, surveys, photos, and more. This makes it easy to have all of your project documentation organized in the palm of your hand at any time. When data is so easily accessible, you can look through project information effectively and efficiently, making your job as a project manager much less scattered and stressful. 

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Real-Time Visibility

Successful construction sites thrive off great communication; it's one of the most important parts of the process. Communication is important internally as well as externally with clients, which when done correctly, can help drive repeat business. However, when managing multiple construction projects, communication can get really messy. With three, four, five, or more superintendents reporting to you, it's difficult to keep track of updates, issues, and delays for each job. 

When using Raken, you are able to see in real time what is happening on each jobsite. Work logs, photos and miscellaneous updates are added into Raken throughout the day, making it easy for you to stay current with each jobsite without having to call the superintendent every other hour to check up on the project. This lightens the communication burden and makes it easy for you to confidently track progress from your phone, tablet, or computer. 

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"No more excel spreadsheets, the field employees have cut their time by over 75 %, and it's in real time. The live updates, seeing those activities make me feel like I am right there. We have multiple jobs in different areas in California and having the opportunity to see who's at the job-site and what has been done for that day." - Maria R. - Tri State General Contractors


Paramount to the benefits of construction project management software is the advantage of mobility. Being able to manage and keep up to date on construction projects in real-time from the palm of your hand is a major step for the construction industry. Mobility in construction management software allows superintendents, foremen, project engineers, safety managers, and project managers to do their job easily and in clean fashion while they're on the jobsite or on the move. 

Mobility allows reports to get done faster, information to be communicated quickly, and most importantly, it allows for you to be more proactive than reactive. Take action towards issues and happenings on the jobsite rather than finding out when it's too late. 

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Construction project management is no walk in the park, but project management software like Raken is here to help. Increase your management capabilities and perform better while watching over multiple construction projects by keeping all project data in one place, keeping up to date with real-time visibility, and being able to do it all from the palm of your hand wherever you are. Want to give it a shot? Try Raken for free with a 15 day free trial