Raken March Product Update

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It's been a busy month here at Raken, and we couldn't be more proud of what we've accomplished so far. Here are the top three app updates we introduced over the past month.

Download Raken Insights

Raken's Insights Dashboard analyzes the data you collect in your field workflows and breaks it down into visualizations that are easy to understand. You can see all-time stats, workers, compliance, hours, delays, tasks, safety, all of the information you need to run your site.

Our most recent update allows you to download those charts and graphs as .PDF files. You can print out Raken's insights and use them in meetings, presentations, or just take them with you for the heck of it.

There are a couple of different ways to download graphs from your insights dashboard. At the top of your dashboard you'll notice a new icon- click on it to download all of the reports in the insights dashboard.

download all Raken insights Click to download all graphs in Insights

To download a single graph, navigate to it and click the download button on the upper right.

Raken Single Graph download Click to download a single graph.

Who is this for? Downloading graphs is a great tool for both Superintendents who need to communicate with General Contractors, as well as for office staff who need to show project stakeholders what is happening on site.

Customize Time Card Reports

Raken Time Cards are a great way to track hours across your teams. Now, you can include cost code data in your worker time card report. This allows you to see exactly how your hours are affecting your cost codes on a single report.

To include cost code data in your worker time card report, check the box during the selection process. By default, cost code information is included only once, though there is an option to include it in scheduled reports as well.

Customizing time card reports is going to be especially useful for Superintendents in the field who don't want to worry about sending multiple reports to the office, and great for payroll administrators as well who want to see all of the information in a single, clear report.

Include .CSV File in Email

One of the best parts about Raken Time Cards is the increased communication between the field and the office. Time Card information can be captured in the field, and then sent to the office on an automatic schedule.

Now, you can include a .CSV file in an email for worker and cost code reports. This makes it easier for payroll administrators to import the data directly into their payroll system.

Of course payroll administrators are going to love importing a .CSV into the systems they currently use for faster processing. Now the office can be sure that the information they are putting into their payroll system is accurate.

This is just the beginning...

We're always working on making the Raken experience easier for the field, and our recent release of Raken Time Cards was designed to do just that.

As such, keep looking for more features and updates coming to Raken Time Cards in April!