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For anyone wondering what we do at Raken, why we do it, or who we are, we present a video that answers all of your questions.

You'll see interviews with Kyle Slager and Sergey Sundukovskiy, the founders of Raken, and see behind the scenes at the Raken offices and the people who work there.

What Raken Does

Kyle Slager, the Founder of Raken, says "our goal since the beginning was to create the fastest, easiest solutions for construction workers in the field."

Raken provides tools like Daily Report, Time Cards, and Photo Management to Superintendents and Foremen in the field. They then use those tools to complete their reports and get out the door faster.

Those reports are done in moments, are professionally branded, and have everything the office needs to keep track of what's happening in the field.

Why We Do It

Because we love it. According to Slager, "it's really exciting to build tools and solve problems for one of the largest and oldest industries in the world and really change the way they handle communication and reporting from the jobsite to the office."

People have been building things, literally, since the beginning. At Raken we are proud to join such a long history and offer tools to help the Superintendent do their job faster and better.

We love it when we hear of a Superintendent saving time by adding a photo to a daily report. Or when a firm wins a bid because they use Raken to communicate with stakeholders. Those are the moments that let us know we are making a difference in the lives of hardworking people.

Who We Are

Growing from a startup to a successful company took years of hard work from talented people. It also took a unique company culture based on merit rather than rank or title.

Sergey Sundukovskiy, Co-founder and CTO/CPO, said "We have a full meritocracy principle: let the best ideas win. If you have an opinion, state it. Regardless of your title in the company, the idea and execution is what matters. The best one will win."

Being based on merit has done wonders. It allowed ideas like Time Cards and >Dashboard Insights to be worked into the experience. It's what gives us the freedom to use suggestions from the field to make the app better.

The Takeaway

Raken exists to make the lives of workers in the field better. We do that by making an app that is easy to use so Superintendents and Foremen can spend more time in the field and less time filling out reports.

We've got an amazing team working to do just that. We've already improved the lives of thousands of field personnel in over 13 countries, and we're just getting started. Check out Raken and see what we've been up to.