New Payroll Notes with Attachments

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Earlier this month we introduced worker sign-off for construction time cards and a payroll admin view for Raken Time Cards.

You’d think that would be enough for one month, but while we were in there we decided to make some more improvements to time cards.

Payroll Notes

As you’re filling out your time cards you’ll notice a new field right underneath where you input cost codes. This field lets you add notes for the payroll administrator in the office.

Need to explain why someone was late to the site today? Want to outline exactly what went into a per diem purchase? Just add a payroll note and it will show up in the time cards, dashboard, and any other report for that time period.

Payroll Notes

Payroll Notes with Attachments

Sometimes just writing down what an expense was isn’t enough- you need proof. With Raken Time Cards you can add attachments to your payroll notes just by tapping the attachments button next to where you put in the note. You can upload a picture of a receipt, a PDF, an Excel sheet, or a word doc. Anything you need to make sure that the note is as clear as it can be.

Payroll notes and payroll attachments help to make the information captured in the field clear back in the office. Notes and attachments cut down on the time that payroll administrators have to spend calling Superintendents asking for an explanation about a unique time card entry. With Raken, you keep the time card workflow fast, simple, and hassle-free