Raken Updates

Product Update: New Weather, Calendar, Tasks, and More

By Nathan | Posted on

We're announcing the next round of Raken upgrades and improvements that make the app even easier to use while giving us room to include more user-requested workflows in the future.

To make the Raken experience more intuitive, you can now see the following improvements on both web and mobile:

  • Click on weather conditions to see an hourly breakdown, as well as history and two-week predictions for each site. We've also redesigned how the weather interface looks to make it easier on the eyes.

New Weather Interface

  • With our improved calendar function you can jump to a particular day without having to open the calendar and quickly see what reports were done or add a new one.

Improved Calendar Functions

  • Also, the tasks you assign and monitor in Raken now have their own tab so you can assign, complete, and monitor tasks easier.

Streamlined Tasks Tab

  • We've also made filling out the information in your dailies on the web even easier. This update introduces in-line editing, so now you can just tab through the different fields.

  • Raken now autosaves your progress as you complete your daily reports so you don't have to worry about re-doing everything if you come back later.

Like everything we do at Raken, these improvements were designed with the field in mind. By making it easier to fill out a daily report than any other solution we're hoping to increase visibility, report compliance, and communication between the field and the office.