How to Improve Employee Productivity

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"There's always room for improvement". This doesn't necessarily mean that as a manager or superintendent that you're not running an effective, productive worksite. But it also means that you shouldn't be unwilling to take a good, long, hard look at how everything is going at the job site, including employee morale. A recent national Gallup poll revealed that a staggering 70% of Americans working in business and industry were "disengaged" while at work, resulting in an economic loss of $550,000,000,000 annually. And that's a shame, as study after study has shown that happy, involved workers are more productive and safer ones, as well. So what's the secret to changing employee workplace attitudes from "Eh." to "Yeah!"? It turns out that there are several ways to improve productivity in construction.

Empower EmployeesLetting site workers take turns running the company isn't a good idea for various reasons. But there are other ways in which they can help to contribute to the effectiveness of a site, including an employee suggestion program. As your project's eyes and ears, workers on a site daily are the best ones to observe safety issues and supply and subcontractor problems. Because of their experience with working on site, their suggestions may be the best way to resolve these issues. If some job positions can be enhanced with the proper training and/or education, make sure that employees are aware of this, and are given opportunities to pursue it, as well.

Have MeetingsEveryone likes to know what's going on, and meetings are a great way to get staff together. But make sure that those meetings have real information to convey or problems to address. Otherwise, they're just a waste of everyone's time.

TransparencyYou've decided lower level workers don't need to know about potential downsizing and cutbacks? That's okay, they'll get the old rumor mill going on their own. And the result may be angry, disenfranchised employees who feel that they owe you minimal work in the face of all of that uncertainty. While you may not be able to involve workers in every level of firm decision making for various reasons, don't keep them in the dark about decisions that affect work and employment either.

Use Technologies Everyone Can UseIt had a cool video and a good price, but are all of your employees comfortable with that construction software package you purchased? Is it inconvenient for them to use from various locations? Have you taken the time to make sure all affected employees have been trained to use it? And given how digital so many traditional industry tasks are becoming, managers need to make sure that they have software that not only works in a traditional office, but that is mobile as well. This technology can improve productivity in the construction industry drastically.