Purchasing Construction Software That Will Save You Thousands

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construction technology"It's the little things that mean a lot". These aren't just catchy song lyrics, they're words of wisdom in business. Especially in the construction industry, where one wrong move can have disastrous results, even seemingly small ones. Take paperwork, for example. Those schedules, tables, graphs, and very dry language wouldn't seem to have much to do with getting that project built. But late, incomplete, incorrectly done, or lost construction documentation can result in lost contracts, delays, fines, lawsuits, and non-payment. The potential loss of all of that money doesn't make a little writer's cramp seem all that bad, does it? Besides, given all of the software out there these days to assist with daily report writing, writer's cramps are hardly necessary. Nor is scrambling to find a place to do paperwork in the field, making road trips to collaborate on reports, or involving an entire IT team to make changes to a document.

Now, with construction software like Raken for daily and other project reporting, time and money can be saved on the production of the report itself. But just purchasing a construction software package won't do it. So before doing so, here are some pointers that will help you make sure that you're making the right buy.

5. Make Sure That This Is A Product That's Right For Your FirmThere are now many types of construction software out there, but if you want one that produces a construction daily report, you probably don't want a product called "Digi-Hammer". Take the time to research and find construction companies software and products that are right for you.

4. Make Sure That This Product Is Right For Your EmployeesThe time, effort, and expense you go to for employee training won't much matter, if they're too uncomfortable with, or can't find a place to do dailies. Raken provides an app that allows staff to enter and transmit reports from mobile devices such as smartphones, devices nearly everyone carries, and are comfortable with. Raken reports done in this way can save hours a week in completion time, and meet industry guidelines.

3. Make Sure That This Product Is Not A "One-Trick Pony"Your software for recording a daily log should also allow it to be transmitted to the devices of other appropriate parties in real time, to allow for review and collaboration, as Raken does. Money saving software can also produce other kinds or related documentation, such as weekly and monthly reports. And such software should have special fields that allow for the inclusion to reports of change orders, warnings, and photographs. A subcontractor asking a general contractor for a RFI is nothing new, but construction site diary software like Raken puts a new spin on it. Now a contractor can enter and send requested information within minutes, avoiding the delay of "snail mail" and saving money.

2. Make Sure That This Product Is "Legitmate" And SecureReports unfortunately sometimes become part of legal actions involving clients or others. Make sure that you use a documentation software product that uses fields acceptable for legal documents, has features such as date stamping, and that can be stored securely for up to ten years.

1. And Yes, Speed Is GoodA construction software package that allows for various types of report writing and document writing is good, but one that allows recorders to do so quickly can save dollars with every report typed. Raken allows users to save anywhere from sixty to ninety minutes daily with its report typing features.