Raken Adds Sergey Sundukovskiy to Team

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SAN DIEGO, Feb. 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Raken, the No. 1 rated software for construction site reporting, has added co-founder Sergey Sundukovskiy, Ph.D., as chief technology and product officer.

Sundukovskiy, who had been serving in an advisory capacity, "will set the stage to meet the company's rapid customer growth, capitalize on achieved product-market fit and position Raken's technology platform for scale," said Kyle Slager, Raken CEO and founder.

"Sergey's technology and product track record with successful startups is matched by his strategic thinking and hands-on execution," Slager said. "Sergey fits right into our culture here. We pride ourselves on delivering extraordinary value to our customers, having a bias for action coupled with ability to drive practical, measurable and data-driven execution."

"Raken can leverage its already formidable market fit, low customer churn and high customer efficacy to match and even exceed development trajectory of the top startups in Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach," Sundukovskiy said.

"Raken has the potential to completely disrupt the construction industry, as far as project visibility, compliance and reporting is concerned," he said. "The value we provide is proven by the rapid growth of our customer base and almost non-existent churn, leading to highly satisfied and highly-engaged customers."

San Diego-based Raken is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that enables contractors to create more effective field reports in less time. The company works with developers, and commercial, residential and specialty contractors throughout the U.S. With Raken, contractors can monitor all aspects of the job site including manpower, site safety, and delays.

As chief technology officer and chief product officer, Sundukovskiy will be responsible for building and managing the teams that will continually improve the technical platform behind the app to position it for continuous adoption, rapid growth and maximum consumer efficacy.

On the subject of the initial attraction with Raken, "Through my work with incubators and accelerators in San Diego, Silicon Beach and Silicon Valley, I had a chance to work with hundreds of companies in the SaaS space," he said. "As a result, I have developed a fairly robust system of evaluating merits of the idea, founding team and the problem space. It took but a quick look to understand Raken's potential and the fact that it is destined for greatness."

Before founding Raken, Slager was a research associate with Brandes Investment Partners, a leading global value-based investment management firm responsible for more than $120 billion in assets. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Brown University and has completed the Tuck Business School Bridge Program at Dartmouth.

Sundukovskiy holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of California, San Diego, a master's in information technology from the University of Liverpool, and a doctorate in information technology management from the School of Business and Technology, Capella University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sundukovskiy is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded multiple successful startups including PushPoint, which was acquired by Capital One in 2014.