Raken and Egnyte Integrate to Sync Project Documentation

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Raken Egnyte integration

We’re excited to announce our recent integration with the enterprise file sharing platform, Egnyte.

Raken and Egnyte integrate

By utilizing the Egnyte and Raken integration, users will automatically add their Raken daily reports, Super Daily subcontractor reports, and photos to their Egnyte project folder, saving time and ensuring compliant and standardized record keeping.

Benefits of the Egnyte and Raken Integration

This integration was built after talking with our customers and understanding the pain points of their current daily workflow. We found that in order to sync their valuable daily reports and site photos, Raken users were manually downloading their files to a computer and uploading them into the respective Engyte folder on a daily or weekly basis. With this simple integration, files are automatically synced on a daily basis without any additional work.

This integration also ensures:

  • Better team insights into site progress
  • Consistent documentation and improved compliance
  • Valuable time savings

To learn more about the integration and the benefits of Egnyte, visit Raken’s listing in the Egnyte App Store.

Integrating Egnyte and Raken

Integrating Egnyte and Raken takes a few easy steps and can be completed in minutes. If you already have an Egnyte and Raken account, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Raken account
  2. Click “Company” then “Synced Accounts”
  3. Select the arrow for “Cloud Services”

  1. Click “Connect” and enter your Egnyte domain

  1. Click “Allow Access” to allow Raken to send files to your Egnyte account.

That’s it! Your Raken daily reports and photos will sync to your Egnyte account every night.

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