Raken Streamlining Construction Reporting Across the Country

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From Alabama to Century City, construction superintendents across the country are using Raken, the #1 Daily Reporting Software in the industry, to streamline their daily construction superintendent reports. They are putting it to use on retail remodeling, university renovations, airport construction, hospital expansions and much more.

We love highlighting the amazing work of our customers and how they use Raken in the work that they do. Here’s but a sampling of ways our app is streamlining compliance reporting, saving superintendents’ time and easing the hassle of traditional construction reporting methods:

Alta Construction Inc. is a national construction firm specializing in the retail, hospitality and corporate interior construction sectors. Their prestigious partners list includes Bank of America, Gucci, and Neiman Marcus. The company is currently working on Macy’s Century City in Los Angeles. It’s part of a $1.5 billion shopping center remodel and expansion. Project general superintendent Tyler Guith says the Raken's app saves him two hours a day. His favorite Raken benefit? “The ability to update your progress on the fly without going back to your desk.”

McKinstry Construction, a full-service design-build firm with 1,800 employees, is remodeling the Ochiltree General Hospital in Perryton, Texas. Construction manager Jason Patak says the remote reporting and monitoring functions of the Raken make it easier for off-site team members to keep up with project progress. He says the weekly, emailed reports generated by Raken can be forwarded to clients with ease, and the photo function and history the app provides are invaluable. “All subs are required to send in a synopsis of their daily activities work and our site superintendent inputs it into Raken. It saves us an extreme amount of busy work looking for pictures and trying to understand past events.”

MG Roofing is working on a parking-garage project at the Huntsville (Alabama) International Airport that involves an intricate water-proofing process. Andrew Langston, an MG project manager and superintendent, also lauds the Raken photo feature. He cites the ease with which project photos can be uploaded to a daily report and then fine-tuned as needed. He estimates the Raken app saves him at least two hours a day. “I really like how the app can be used to snap all my pics straight to my daily and then finish it all up on my computer.”

Using construction reporting technology like Raken is just one trait of aneffective construction superintendent.

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