Raken Blog Contribution Guidelines

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At Raken, our goal in the construction industry is to make all aspects of daily reporting easier for those with boots on the jobsite every day. With that being said, our blog is a hub for information about construction tips, technological advancements, management advice, and industry news. We are always looking for like-minded thought leaders to contribute to our blog and add even more value and perspective for our viewers.

Topics We Are Looking For

We want to be construction focused and informative about all aspects of the industry. Example topics include: * Construction management software advice * Construction field management advice * Litigation in construction * Technological advances in the industry * Project management tips * Safety in construction * Worker management * Administrative/payroll information * Business advice as it pertains to construction

Quality and Content Details

We would like all contributed posts to be informative, educational, and well thought out articles that offer our readers value. We ask that contributed articles are all original, being that they have not been published anywhere else and offer a unique, fresh perspective on the chosen topic. Content should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Length: 500 words at minimum
  • Links: Please be sparing and intentional with adding links into the article. We will monitor these as necessary and remove some if we feel that the post is too link-dense.
  • Images/Visual Content: We encourage you to attach photos, videos, graphs, charts, infographics, or any other resource that helps articulate your concept. If not provided, we will choose a hero image for the post at our discretion.
  • Bias: Please keep posts free of bias so that they are more educational rather than promotional.

Have Fun!

Blog writing is an exciting and creative endeavor, so have fun with writing the post! Add an author bio and attach an image of yourself or your company's logo as well so that we can correctly attribute you for the contribution. If you have questions about anything not mentioned here, please email us at marketing@rakenapp.com.