Introducing Budgeted Hours and Mobile Enhancements

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We've been busy making improvements to the Raken experience, and we're proud to show you two of our latest: budgeted hours and mobile galleries. Users will find these new enhancements useful both in keeping track of how the time on their jobsites is being spent, as well as keeping track of the project's status by quickly and easily accessing photos with the gallery feature.

Budgeted Hours Keeps You On Track

Have you ever gone over the hours you expected on a certain project? Have you ever wanted to take a look back and find out what happened? Have you ever wondered how many more hours it will take to complete the job? With Budgeted Hours for Raken Time cards, users can get real-time insights on how their actual hours assigned to each cost code compare to the budgeted hours. If you are already using Raken Time Cards you'll know that you can track actual hours for individuals and crews, including billable lunches and breaks as well as overtime and doubletime. Our new improvements to Raken Time Cards gives you the ability to upload or add budgeted hours to the cost codes your estimators assigned at the beginning of the project. As your superintendents in the field assign hours to these cost codes Raken provides detailed insights into how the actual hours compare to what was budgeted. You no longer have to wait until the end of the project or the end of the month to understand how you are performing. With the ability to compare budgeted vs. actual hours, you can keep close tabs on your progress in real time.

As part of budgeted hours, users now also have the ability to input physical % complete, allowing you to enter the completed work from an installation standpoint for the scope of work. Raken then calculates the projected hours for you, providing further insight and giving you an early indication into if your project is going to be in the red or not. Project Managers, Estimators, Owners, and Superintendents can use this feature to know how profitable the site is running prior to the project closeout without having to take the time to track it on paper or in Excel and update it on a weekly/monthly basis. By tracking % complete digitally, PMs/estimators/owners in the office can communicate the insights back to the superintendents, who can then adjust the crews to ensure they are being used efficiently.

Raken Time Cards with budgeted hours makes it simple for the superintendent to capture information, effortlessly providing insights back to the office. Because the information is captured and analyzed in real-time, PMs/Estimators/Project Engineers/Superintendents can gain valuable insight into the financial health of their project as it's happening and make corrections as needed, immediately boosting profitability and efficiency.

Raken Budgeted Hours

For a full walkthrough, be sure to check out our budgeted hours tutorial video.

Mobile Gallery Means Easy Visibility

Sometimes, when you're on the Raken app, you want to see a certain photo from a project but you can't remember which daily report it was submitted with. Now, with Raken's latest update to the mobile app, you can access your gallery right from the project menu. Once you select "gallery" you'll be able to review your project photos, videos, and other attachments all in one location. Raken organizes the files automatically in a timeline starting with the most recent, but you can also filter by date and company to only see what you need to. Once you find what you need you can even rename or delete them right from the app.

Raken Mobile Gallery

In addition to the mobile gallery, you can also access your daily report and tasks using the bottom navigation bar once you open a project. You can also update your account information from the mobile app as well, making changes to your name, profile photo, contact details, and more. Finally, in the Communication menu, you can adjust your email preferences to receive an email when daily reports, product updates, missed reports, or other events occur.

To see how to access these settings, check out our mobile gallery tutorial video.

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