Raken Helps Contractors at New Atlanta Stadium

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Raken, the #1 Daily Reporting App in construction today, is living up to the ranking as it helps to streamline development of the new stadium in Atlanta. The Raken app is saving contractors valuable time on the job site as they work to complete the state-of-the-art facility.

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The multi-purpose stadium is slated to open in August. The facility is the product of cutting-edge engineering as it boasts a one-of-a-kind translucent eight-panel retractable roof that operates like the iris of a camera.

Contractors on the project utilizing the Raken construction site software, Peachtree Mechanical Inc. (PMI), and Superior Rigging & Erecting, both had vital roles in constructing one of the most impressive feats of engineering in existence today.

PMI was contracted to perform the HVAC and domestic water piping. While on the project and with help from Raken, PMI won three safety awards and was named contractor of the month twice. PMI was recognized several times as the model in scheduling, documentation and project execution.

Due to the scope of work and complexity of a stadium project this magnitude, Superior Rigging & Erecting had to figure out a better way to get daily reports from the field to the people who needed them most.  After much research and several demos, they decided on the Raken construction site software to fulfill their specific needs.

Raken developed its award-winning daily reporting software to reduce inefficiencies and streamline the management of construction projects from skyscrapers and sidewalks to mixed-use stadiums like Atlanta’s. The Raken construction site software allowed PMI and Superior Rigging superintendents and program managers to walk the stadium job site free of the cumbersome clipboard, papers and pencils that have long been standard accessories for tracking progress on projects big and small.

“All of the reporting functions that Raken has available are a lifesaver,” said Andrew Godfrey, Project Manager with Superior Rigging. “Man-hours, delays and weather are just some of the reports that you can run with a few clicks of a button on any particular day or as a scheduled monthly report. This is very handy with all the demands of the general contractor and documentation that is required these days.”

Superintendents can eliminate an average of an hour a day from their workloads and avoid the tiresome end-of-day task that paper reporting requires. Raken's construction site software effectively removes the daily headache of writing out duplicate reports and then transferring to a computer. An efficiency that contributes to faster completion time and significant cost savings.

“Raken has been fortunate to contribute to many projects of considerable scale in over 13 countries,” said Raken CEO, Kyle Slager. “I’m extremely proud that our company could help complete such an exciting and cutting edge project that will bring joy to so many people. As a former college football player, I never imagined that Raken would be my ticket to the NFL, and I'm pleased we were able to leave our mark on what I believe is one of the most impressive stadiums in sports today.”

After their experience with Raken on the Atlanta stadium project, Superior Rigging is a fan for life. “We are now utilizing Raken on all of our bigger jobs that have a duration longer than three weeks,” Godfrey added. “Being able to customize the daily survey to your needs is awesome. Depending on the scope of the job, we have templates for crane jobs, rigging jobs, steel erection jobs, and also trying out a safety-only template for audits. The possibilities seem to be endless.”