Announcing Internationalization and Project Dashboards

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This month at Raken we are proud to announce our two latest features: internationalization and project dashboards.

Additional Language Options

Our latest update adds Spanish and Portuguese language options to the Raken experience, translating all the headings in the user interface. Users will be able to set their language of choice for both the web and mobile versions of the app. All functions in Raken's reporting and field management software will be translated including notes, application labels, and reports.

To enable the language options all you have to do is set the preferred language on your mobile device to either Spanish or Portuguese and Raken does the rest. By default, all Raken daily reports are generated in English. You can now change those settings to show Spanish and Portuguese headings, making it easier and more professional to share reports with individuals who speak those languages.Raken InternationalizationWhy add language support now? Kyle Slager, CEO and founder of Raken, said “Raken was created to improve the lives of construction workers by empowering the field and delivering actionable insights to the office that aren't available with any other software. Everything we've built has been designed to create a more efficient experience for construction crews. By removing this language barrier, we're able to further empower construction workers across the globe.”

While this update does not translate the notes that your field workers put into Raken (if you input Spanish into the work log, for example, those entries will still be in Spanish in the PDF report) we will introduce complete content translation later this year, meaning that Raken will translate your entire report no matter what language you entered.

Be sure to check out our tutorial video to learn how to get construction daily reports in different languages.

Project Dashboards

One of Raken's most popular features is the real-time activity feed in the dashboard and the breakdown of the statistics located in the insights tab. PMs and general superintendents use the real-time feeds to keep tabs on all of their projects no matter where they are, getting instant notifications whenever a photo is uploaded, a survey is completed, a safety issue is reported, or a daily report is signed.

Our latest update helps those individuals keep an even closer watch on their projects with a real-time activity feed and insights for specific projects rather than company-wide updates, and you don't even have to leave the project page to do it.

To see the new dashboard on your web app, just go to the project you'd like to examine and click on "dashboard" in the bottom navigation. An activity feed specific to that project will appear and you'll be all caught up in no time.

Raken Project Dashboards

These project-specific dashboards work just like the main dashboard tab. You can search for specific subcontractors, photos, or items and save custom views. You can also get a quick look at your compliance for that project by clicking on "compliance" in the bottom navigation bar. From here, you can mark days as "no work done" or see which days should have had a daily but are still missing, helping you keep track of what's been done and what still needs doing.

The insights tab for the project works the same as the main insights tool: think of it as a report card for the project. You can see stats spanning the life of the site, and filter the data to help you see just what's important.

You'll also find an updated team page to make it easier to manage the team members on your projects. You can view team member information, change project roles and access, and add and delete team members right from the page.

To learn more, be sure to check out our tutorial video on construction project dashboards.