Raken Introduces Customized Daily Reports!

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We're happy to announce that you can now customize your contractor daily reports with Raken!

Along with the ability to customize the daily survey questions for each of your projects, Raken now allows you to customize which fields you'd like to display on your PDF report.

In Raken's daily reporting software, you can now include fields such as "Work Logs", "Notes", "Safety Observations", "Quality Control Observations" and "Daily Survey Questions" based on your needs for each project.

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To get started with your customized report:

  1. Log in to the web at www.rakenapp.com
  2. Click "Company"
  3. Click "Project Templates"
  4. Click "New Template"
  5. Create your customized report!


To assign your customized template to a project, click "Projects", "Project Info" and update the "Project Template".

Here's a short video going over these steps: http://vimeo.com/rakenapp/customize

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