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Raken's January Product Update: Our New Look, on Every Device

What Is The Story?

We kicked off 2018 by releasing the new redesign Raken update on all iOS devices, and we couldn't be happier about it.

New Raken was a complete redesign of our app based on your feedback that, first of all, makes the app more intuitive to use. We also added new features like the Insights Dashboard- it takes data on progress, incidents, compliance, tasks, and other metrics and turns them into charts and graphs you can use to track the pulse of your jobsites.

The new activity feed brings important information like missed dailies and safety notifications to your attention right away, while the new projects page was redesigned to make it easier to see all of your jobsites in context and add new projects easily.

How Does It Work?

All Raken users with an iOS device will be able to enjoy the new Raken update. Just update the app on your phone and tap around to explore the new features available to you!

Why Does It Matter?

With the release of new Raken on iOS we're just keeping our promise to listen to our customers and make the changes they actually want.

The new Raken update happened because customers like you told us what you wanted to see in a daily reporting app, and we've been working hard to make sure that happened.

Who Is It For?

The redesigned Raken interface is available for all iOS users, with other features available depending on your plan.

And that's not all- we've been working on something really exciting that we can't wait to show you in just a few short days- it'll be one of our biggest updates yet, so keep following Raken for more news!

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