Raken Partnership With Kennesaw State University

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Kennesaw State University, one of the top Construction Management programs in the nation, is using Raken to teach daily reporting. Ranked in the top 35 Construction Management programs by College Choice, their students go on to have successful careers working for some of the industry's top firms.

The Construction Management program uses Raken to teach their students the best way to do daily reports. We spoke with Professor Irish Horsey to find out more about how Raken helps their students.

Why Focus on Daily Reporting?

Professor Horsey told us why it was important to teach students how to do professional daily reports, and why she teaches it in her advanced courses.

Construction managers are highly skilled in problem solving and technology use for efficacy in construction project management," said Professor Horsey, "tracking the daily operations of construction activity is one way those skills are applied.

Using Raken to teach students how to track daily operations gives them practical experience while exercising their academic skills. Combining practice and theory with Raken gives Kennesaw State University students an edge when they reach the workforce.

Why use Raken?

We asked why Kennesaw State decided to use Raken rather than another construction management solution.

"At KSU, we equip our students with the skills and current technology needed to be successful in the construction industry," Professor Horsey said, "which includes the ability to track their daily activity." According to Professor Horsey, Raken is the best choice for introducing students to daily reporting due to the work we've done in the industry.

Kennesaw State University's Construction Management

We are especially proud to be part of Kennesaw State's curriculum because of the goals of their program of study.

Their department's mission is to "ensure that the quality of instruction and related technologies stays current on innovations that continuously reshape the construction industry." That means ensuring their students have the most recent tools actually being used in the field, hence introducing Raken to the students.

By partnering with Kennesaw State University Raken is helping to prepare the next generation of construction professionals. These are the same students who will soon be entering the workforce and making an impact on their organizations by bringing new technology and techniques with them. We have seen firsthand that the younger generation are leaders when it comes to introducing new technologies. By using Raken while still students, the KSU program ensures that their graduates will make positive change wherever they go.

For more information on Kennesaw State University's Construction Management program, check out their website.