The Raken Rundown: Summer 2017

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It would have been easy to just congratulate ourselves. After we were named the #1 field reporting tool by the AGC we could have sat down and let our app do its thing. But after we won the award we had more customers than ever. General Contractors, Superintendents, Subcontractors, and Foremen- each of them with something to say about how we could improve.

We listened, and this summer we were busy making improvements we rolled out one after another. But before we jump into our next batch of updates we wanted to sum up what we've been up to for the past few months.


In July Raken integrated with Prolog and Procore construction management software. Thanks to the integration Procore users will now be able to sync their Raken daily reports and photos with their relevant project in Procore. We love integrations because they allow everyone to do what they do best- Prolog and Procore are used in the office, while Raken is the mobile-first field solution. To integrate just open a project in your Raken dashboard and select Procore from "Integrations." Put in your Procore login credentials and select the project to sync- we'll handle the rest. In addition to Prolog and Procore Raken syncs with Box/Dropbox/Google Drive and Egnyte. We just like being friends with everyone.


Bulk select and sign unsigned dailies: Did you forget to sign your dailies for days, weeks, or months? We've got you covered- bulk select and sign them all with a tap. No one has to know but us.

Ability to click "No Work Done": Hey, it's okay that nothing got done in that area- people just need to know. Now you can tell them with a tap.

Permissions for Project Creation: You can now set users as an account admin, a regular admin, and project members on any company account. Handy for keeping everything nice and organized.

Calendar View: Redesigned to look better and operate more smoothly- best for getting a big-picture view of your project.

Superdaily on Mobile: Everything you love about the Superdaily right in the palm of your hand.

What's Next

We had a big summer around here, but it's just the beginning. We're currently working on features that will significantly expand what Raken can do- making the work you do every day easier and faster. That's what we're all about- we're the best app around for daily reports, but we want to be the best app for everything you do in the field.

Here's a hint about the next feature you can expect to be see in Raken: Graphs. Beautiful graphs right on your mobile device and desktop that analyze data from your dailies and give you a professional view of exactly what's happening across sites.

For more information stay tuned to the Raken Rundown!