Raken Spotlight: Clark Ghiselin of Valcourt Building Services

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January’s Raken Spotlight features Florida native Clark Ghiselin of Valcourt Building Services. He has been both in the construction industry and at Valcourt since 2006, and is currently the Operations Analyst. Valcourt Building Services provides restoration and waterproofing services for existing structures in a wide variety of industries around the country.

Before joining the construction industry, Clark Ghiselin spent 25 years in manufacturing. In true Florida fashion, he was involved in the processing of citrus — but when the industry hit a downturn, he made his career shift into construction. As an Operations Analyst, Clark supports the Operations Team at Valcourt Building Services by assisting with financial review, troubleshooting, safety, and productivity improvement.


Keeping busy with constant change

Clark loves a changing environment, and prefers not to sit still for too long. Luckily, his position at Valcourt offers an ever-changing variety of projects. He loves facing new challenges, and views every new assignment as an exciting challenge. He greets any technology that helps improve productivity with open arms, and speaks highly of how quick and simple it is to access data and information.

“It’s all about productivity as everyone in any industry knows. Information, data, records, schedules — you need ready access to all of it to continually optimize operations. Technology makes it fast and usually easy to have what you need right at your fingertips.” - Clark Ghiselin, Valcourt Building Services

Where history meets technology

As a company that focuses on bringing new life to older buildings, Valcourt exemplifies the ways that modern technology can mesh well with traditional construction. When Clark first began his career at Valcourt, he helped with a presentation at an industry conference that left a lasting impact. The presentation was focused around a unique historical building, and Clark enjoyed playing a part in bringing the past into the present with new technology.


A man of many talents

Clark’s skills span far beyond the scope of his successful career at Valcourt. He has raced stock cars for over 25 years, often traveling to racetracks throughout Florida. He’s also recently gotten into shooting sports, such as pistol, rifle, and clay target shooting. Clark Ghiselin is always looking for innovative ways to take something traditional and make it new and exciting—from oranges, to construction operations, to racecars and beyond.