Raken Spotlight: Rodney Doss

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This month, we're proud to introduce you to Rodney Doss, Construction Field Supervisor for Omega Contracting and Consulting. Like so many in the industry, Doss has an incredible story that led him into a life of building things and it's our pleasure to share just a piece of it with you.

Rodney Doss Raken Spotlight

Childhood and the Army

Doss got his start in the construction space early. "I started pouring concrete when I was 12 years old, and after high school I went to East Mississippi Community College to learn to be an electrician. But trying to go to college and work at the same time was very difficult, so I joined the Army reserve. In the Army I learned all kinds of trades, and in East Texas I spent 4 years in commercial electricity and 3 years in residential electricity" says Doss.

It would seem that everything was going according to plan for Rodney. But that's usually when the most unexpected things happen to change your plans.


Doss recalls "In 2003 I was called to active duty in the Iraq war, where I got hurt and I couldn't work for 7 years. For 3 of those years I was homeless, just waiting on the VA hospital. Once I got back on solid ground, I used the GI bill to go to college for Construction Management. A month later, my wife put my resume online, a day later Omega Contracting and Consulting called me in for an interview. I got the job on the spot and I've been here since then, September 2018." Doss now works in Maryland renovating apartment buildings.

Taking Something Old...

When we asked Rodney what his favorite part of working in the construction field was, he said "I love taking something old and making it new. You have to have a positive attitude and outlook on life. There's no such thing as easy, and adversity is to be expected: what will your response be?"

What's interesting is that, when you look at Doss's personal journey from youth to soldier and now to established construction manager, it seems his entire path has been about taking old things and making them new. You can even see his passion for repurposing old things in new ways in a side business he runs for fun where he makes handcrafted soaps for men. With all this remaking, rebuilding, renovating, and repurposing it's no wonder he's so good at his job!