Raken Spotlight: Rylan Page of Vector Construction

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Our latest Raken Spotlight features Project Executive Rylan Page of Vector Construction, based in Ontario, Canada. Rylan has been with Vector for over 16 years, starting out as a laborer and working his way up to his current role of Project Executive, in which he oversees several projects at a time. He is often out on the road, so Raken helps him stay on top of project progress for multiple jobsites, even when he can't physically be there.


Wearing Many Different (Hard) Hats

There's something to be said about the feeling of pride that comes from working on a project from the very beginning through to completion. For Rylan Page, this feeling is exactly what drew him to construction in the first place. He originally planned on becoming a carpenter, but when he went to the local technical college to enroll in a course, and saw that the waiting list would be two years, he changed his trajectory and started a Civil Engineering Technologist program, which ultimately led him on the career path to his current role as Project Executive. Upon graduating, he was offered a job as an estimator, but decided to join a construction crew on a jobsite instead, and the rest was history. He has worked at Vector Construction ever since in a variety of different roles, moving up from laborer to foreman, then operations manager, health and safety manager, and now project executive. In his current position, his favorite part of construction is creating innovative solutions to solving structural issues.

"Collaborating with some great minds and having that moment where a plan formulates for solving a problem is a lot of fun." - Rylan Page, Vector Construction Ltd.

Virtual Jobsite Visits

Rylan is in charge of the administration of Raken across all of Vector's projects, and finds that it has solved the issues of getting paperwork from the folks on the jobsite to the team in the office. With Raken, he never has to chase anyone down for their paperwork, and can easily keep track of several projects from thousands of miles away. Because he isn't always in the office, he loves that he can access project information and updates from anywhere using the mobile app. As soon as Page gets a notification, he can provide input to supervisors, so issues are taken care of faster, and projects move forward without delay. Rylan is able to "visit" jobsites through his phone, and although he no longer works out in the field, he gets to be involved with everything going on with his projects. Even when he isn't physically present onsite, he gets to see his projects from start to finish, so he can feel the pride and hard work that went into what he and his teams have built.

Restoring History

Vector specializes in corrosion technology, meaning that they repair structures that have damaged or aged concrete. One of their recent projects is in Kansas City, Missouri, in which they are repairing a historic rail bridge that is over a century old. It is one of only two multimodal vertical lift trust bridges in North America, so it has been challenging to work out the best ways to go about repairing it, but according to Rylan, the challenge makes the end result that much more rewarding. There is a ton of care and detail that goes into restoring structures that were built so long ago, and Vector steps in to preserve these pieces of history.

When someone with as much dedication as Rylan Page is out there facilitating the repair of North America's historical infrastructure, we know we're in good hands.