Raken Spotlight: Unison Construction Management

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Raken Spotlight on Unison Construction Management


Michael: I have been with Unison for 16 months now. I have been involved in construction-related projects as a PM for over 15 years.

Andrew: I started in the trades installing drainage systems, progressing over time to a foreman, a partner in a business to finally to a self-employed contractor - all in the U.K. Been a Superintendent for over 10 years (5 in Canada) on both new build and large renovation projects. Started as a Superintendent at Unison 2.5 years ago, General Superintendent for past year.

A Memorable Refurbishment

Andrew: Superintendent on a large (energy saving) upgrades on 3 towers in Preston, Lancashire. Full refurbishment inside and out - heating system, windows and external cladding, insulation, Biomass Boiler etc.... Fully occupied apartments that were on a notorious Social housing estate. I was threatened to be stabbed, shot, propositioned by prostitutes and drug dealers. There was an attempted murder (one of two) on the Community Police Officer, we delivered a baby in the lobby... I'll stop because I'm reading it back and can hardly believe it.

Michael: I remember leading a 5-year NERCIP upgrade of BC Hydro facilities all over the province, including Sub Stations, Properties Facilities, and Head offices.

What Do You Like Most About Working in the Field?

Michael: You get a sense of accomplishment in creating something and in the knowledge that one can always do it better, faster, cheaper next time.

Andrew: I like working with the many diverse characters and managing their varied personalities. The satisfaction of handing over a quality project to a happy client and boss!

The Role of Technology

Andrew: Well over 20 years in, I've seen the implementation of laser measuring, superior power tools, laptops, cell phones - all "must haves" now of course. Site Reporting has always been part of the Job - Raken is a superior format - content/ease of use / finished report format. Beats the diary.

Michael: It gives real-time information and metrics regarding completion time/schedule, quality, and costs which are critical to our process. Also, a comprehensive backup of records and progress is important.

What Do You Do Outside of Work?

Andrew: Family time, exploring Vancouver, eating out regularly. Rugby broke me some time ago but can still manage long walks (City - not country!) Beach days and music concerts.

Michael: I play hockey, squash, and run. I also have a young family of two 8-year-old twin boys, so I coach hockey for them and baseball.

We're glad to be a part of the exciting work that Unison is doing.