Raken Spotlight on Jan Ahner of Alvin H. Butz

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Raken is proud to present Jan Ahner, Superintendent at Alvin H. Butz, Inc as our first Raken Spotlight focusing on the men and women who make the work of construction happen in the field.

[caption id="attachment_2873" align="aligncenter" width="425"] Butz Superintendent Jan Ahner[/caption]

Jan Ahner has been working as a Superintendent at Alvin H. Butz, Inc. for over 6 years, before which he served as a foreman for 12 years. When he is not managing some of the organization’s most exciting projects in Pennsylvania he works as an Air Transportation Master Sergeant in the USAF Reserve and enjoys camping, hiking, and trail riding with his family.

First Project

One of the first projects Ahner worked on as Superintendent was the Lehigh Valley Health Network Fitness Center adjacent to the PPL Arena. Ahner remarks "It presented a lot of challenges in the field coordinating with other Superintendents who were working on the larger arena and hotel projects simultaneously, as well as the Superintendents from the various trades. We had a very challenging schedule for completion with various safety concerns. In the end, we finished with no lost time injuries, on time and within budget. It was a huge accomplishment for me."

[caption id="attachment_2870" align="aligncenter" width="800"] The LHVN Fitness Center at PPL Arena, Ahner's first Superintendent project.[/caption]

Working in the Field

As Superintendent, Ahner enjoys the ability to see a project through from start to finish and working in the field as part of a crew. He says “I started doing construction as part of a concrete crew. I worked hard and moved up through the years experiencing all aspects of the job. Now, I am a Superintendent and get to see the project from start to finish. It’s very rewarding to see it all come together and see the happiness it brings to the clients and the end users.”

The Role of Technology

Ahner credits technology as being one of the main reasons he has been so successful at and has enjoyed his job for so many years. He says “Technology plays a huge role in the construction industry today. iPads allow us to see drawings online and make updates to the blueprints in the field.  We utilize web based applications to keep track of all RFI’s and keep the owner informed throughout the project.  Technology allows us to have a constant flow of information that keeps the job moving and on schedule and within budget.”

Raken on Site

Specifically, Raken is proud to be a part of Ahner’s story for over 2 years, working to keep him where he belongs: with his team in the field. With Raken, Ahner says he can  “track man hours and keep a log of progress photos to share with the team and I can do it on any mobile device which means I can spend more time in the field and not behind a desk. The ability to keep that type of record while I’m in the field, is a huge advantage to me.”

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