Raken Time Cards with Start/End Times

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We are proud to announce our latest improvement to Raken Time Cards, tracking hours by start/end times! This has been a widely requested feature for companies or projects that require what time a worker started and ended their workday. With this latest update, you can now track your workers' start and end times, as well as note if they took their lunches and breaks throughout the day.

How To Use Raken Time Cards with Start/End Times

All Raken Professional users with the latest version of the app will be able to use start/end times with their time cards. You can enable start/end time at the company or project level, turning it on for all new, active, current, or selected projects. For more on how to enable start/end times, check out our tutorial video.

Raken Time Cards

Once you have enabled the setting for start/end times for your company or project, open your project in the Raken App or on the web and create a new worklog. If you choose either the "Person" or "Crew" work log types, you will now be able to enter when that person or crew started working, ended their day, as well as if they took lunch and break. If you have lunches and breaks set to not be billable, Raken will automatically deduct the set duration from the hours for that day. Once you enter the start and end times you can assign cost codes based on the work performed. You will notice that if you enter hours in excess of the duration of hours based on the start and end times, the end time will adjust automatically to compensate for the difference. You can easily bulk edit hours for your crews as well and then fine tune each worker's hours as necessary.

Raken Start/End Times

With the new feature, your team's start and end times, lunches, and breaks will appear in your Payroll View in the Company Time Cards Section so that you can see, at a glance, when your team was on the job. Each item will also appear on your reports, including Daily Reports, Time Card Reports, and Payroll Reports, making it even easier to coordinate with your Payroll Department and confirm your whole team's hours.

Who Uses Start/End Times for Construction Time Tracking?

We know there are companies that require time tracking by when a worker started and ended their day: it's how they've done it in the past and they'd like to continue that process in a digital tool. In those cases, this new update to Raken Time Cards keeps your time cards compliant. Tracking time by start/end is also a requirement for many federally funded government projects, so you can now use Raken on even more projects.