Selecting Specialized Construction Apps Will Save You Thousands

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specialized construction apps

Specialized construction app technology

Clouds are notorious for canceling picnics and bringing unwanted rain and snow, but they can bring benefits too, particularly in the area of business applications. There was a time when if you wanted software that could perform various functions on a computer, you had to purchase a specific package and accept what you didn't quite want. Or the user had to try to integrate often incompatible systems, often ending up having to purchase additional hardware and often essentially rebuilding the computer to end up with something that still didn't quite work.

But today's web-based cloud platforms provide an a la carte menu that the cable industry is still promising its users but still hasn't delivered on. Users can subscribe to these applications individually, have them delivered to their mobile phones and other devices, and use them as a complete package without worrying about them adversely impacting on each other. Since maintenance and any other IT issues are taken care of by the app provider, it's not necessary for construction firms to hire or hire out problems to a slew of IT experts. And many of these applications come with a pay for what you use feature, meaning you won't be paying for digital bells and whistles you'll never use. And these applications will save using firms considerable money and time, as well.

How so? Take Raken's application for daily reporting software, for example. When using this app for contractors, users save on average sixty minutes a day filing reports on its fields. Not only are these reports filled out quickly via phones and tablets, they are done so on fields that are industry compliant. And not only can Raken generated reports be completed and transmitted quickly, they can be received and responded to quickly as well. Raken’s construction software also allows for collaborative real time reporting from different locations. This means time and money can be saved by eliminating many face to face meetings and site visits. And Raken accepts photographs and graphics from outside sources without the need for time wasting integration attempts or purchasing expensive modification packages. Raken's reports can be stored for up to ten years on the cloud, eliminating the need for scanning and the cost of expensive bulk storage.

So with all these needs filled and all the money saved with the options of just one app, construction firms can select other construction apps for iPad, smart phones, tablets and others to meet their specific company needs, instead of being held hostage to just one provider.