Social Media Tips for Construction Companies

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It's been the subject of movies. It's been featured in countless news stories. And it's where many a teenager and increasingly that teen's parents and grandparents are spending a growing amount of time. It's social media. But does it have any possible use in how construction firms conduct business? The answer is yes.

The 21st century version of the telephone party line, social media sites are proving to have a number of functions besides acquiring virtual "friends". More and more businesses are discovering that these platforms can be used both to advertise and actually sell products on line. These sites provide businesses with an inexpensive and speedy way to reach current clients and potential new ones regardless of age, gender, race, or social circumstances.

And since business is definitely picking back up for the construction industry, is it swinging right into the social media saddle? More and more firms are utilizing both it and creating their own web sites to advertise their companies. But they're not pros at it yet, which is why the tips below might be worth considering.

Do Your HomeworkAll social media sites are not the same. You're not going to make much of an advertising splash on that hot new site if its users are all thirteen years old. You'll find more of an appropriate audience on established and better known sites such as Facebook. It's possible to link between platforms, but take the time to make sure these are places you want your firm to be seen. And be likewise cautious with offers to link to other sites or requests to allow others to link to yours. Learn how to track your visitors' "footprints" on your sites as well as learn just who is visiting and when.

Be NurturingEveryone's seen web sites, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts that haven't been updated in ages. If their owners don't care enough to update and maintain these sites, why should anyone else be bothered to read and follow them? Try to update these sites at least several times a week and daily updates aren't inappropriate either.

Be SubtleRemember, it's social media. A blatant sales pitch right out of the gate can be off-putting. "Breaking News", "How To" and "FAQ" sections can be friendly ways to promote your firm and its services and direct interested readers to more appropriate links.