Sundt and Raken Daily Reports

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Sundt Construction uses Raken Daily Reports on their jobsites to improve their field reporting. Sundt and Raken have collaborated on projects across Southern California. We talked with their Continuous Improvement Program Manager, Dominic Daughtrey, and a Project Superintendent, Dave Storvis, about their experience.

Sundt's Continuous Improvement

I'm tasked specifically with being forward looking," said Dominic Daughtrey, Continuous Improvement Program Manager at Sundt. "We are always looking for ways to improve the lives of the people who work at Sundt.

As part of that vision, Daughtrey implemented Raken on a number of Sundt's projects across Southern California in a pilot program. "We felt that using Raken could improve the lives of the project team members" he said.

Sundt's superintendents on a number of projects began using Raken to complete their daily reports. Daughtrey noted that the app was easy to use, required little to no training, and he saw improvement in daily report compliance and project efficiency across the board once the new technology was introduced and used.

The value added activities of capturing that data and getting them into the daily report form has never been easier than with Raken" Daughtrey says. "It doesn't matter what scope of you're doing, you can benefit from it.

Sundt and Raken in the Field

To see specifically how Sundt and Raken work together we spoke with Dave Storvis, a Project Superintendent with Sundt. Storvis has been in construction over 30 years and was excited to share Raken's time-saving features.

"Very streamlined, very simple, and moreover it allows me to put together sequences that tell a story, finish topics, and allow me to do my job out here in the field" Storvis said. He walked the site with us demonstrating how he takes pictures and checks off survey items on his iPad in the moment.

Sundt and Raken on site

The result is a huge time saving for Storvis and his subcontractors. "As far as time savings, I'd say it's better than 50% of my time" Storvis reports. His subcontractors on the site are also using Raken, capturing important milestones in their progress. Such a smooth flow of information allowed Storvis to keep a large, complicated project on schedule.

And daily reporting is just the beginning of how Sundt uses Raken. "Not only in certain aspects is it good for tracking logistics, but you can run your time sheets, your time cards, your analyzation of man hours broken down to what specific tasks they were working on" Storvis says. "I would highly recommend Raken for anyone working in the construction industry."

We are proud to be part of the work Sundt is doing across Southern California and beyond. Come seeĀ Raken's features that earned the recommendation of professionals like Storvis, or better yet try the technology for yourself.