Surfboards and Fire Pits: Raken’s Commitment to Employees

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We believe the right environment creates a healthy company culture


Our leaders here at Raken, a San Diego-based producer of daily construction and compliance software, know the importance of a good workplace culture, and you should, too. It’s good business sense to keep good employees healthy, engaged and happy. We are happy to share our experiences creating a dynamic workplace culture in the hopes you may, too. Many tech companies face issues with recruiting and retention.

We aspire to be a great place to work, and that’s what led us to make, one of the coolest office campuses in California. Our employees have access to a fitness center, protected surfboard storage, a bike-share locker, fire pit, and private outdoor patios.

We joined anchor tenant, GoPro, and other industry-leading companies such as Verve in sharing make’s collaborative workplace environment. The space provides a haven for technology-driven businesses that are developing products to solve problems and make people's lives better.

“When we first stepped foot on the property we knew this was the place to build our business for the future - it's a very collaborative, creative, high energy environment with like-minded companies,” said Kyle Slager, our CEO. “Plus, the amenities are great - we don't want our team sitting down all day at their computers - we encourage active breaks throughout the day, and with the on-site gym and beach, there’s no shortage of options.”

“The opportunities to partner and work with other leading edge technology companies in this beautiful space are boundless,” said Dr. Sergey Sundukovskiy, our co-founder, chief technology and chief product officer. “I’m confident we will continue to grow at a rapid pace given our new surroundings.

“Our recent relocation is not only an investment in the future of the company but rather an investment in our employees,” Sundukovskiy said. “The freedom to work and play and provide the resources to do so makes this the office space of the future.”

A strong workplace culture is just one thing founders need to think about while getting their startup off the ground.