The Benefits of Real Time Collaboration With Field Employees

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Everyone's heard the expression, "I can't be in two places at the same time". It not only used to be an expression. It was a handy excuse. But thanks to today's technological advances, it can no longer excuse anything.

For example, construction firms have both active field sites and administrative offices. In the good not so old days, if office staff wanted to confer with someone out in the field or vice versa, someone was going to have to take a road trip. Time would be lost for traveling, stopping for gasoline, setting up for a meeting, and so on.

But today, construction management software can allow field and office employees to collaboratively work on a project in real time by adding field notes, photographs, and progress comments, just if they were sitting across from one another at a conference table. Without physically being in the same room or city, for that matter. And one of the leaders in producing software that allows this work to be done is Raken.

Raken’s contractor management software not only allows for virtual collaboration, saving time and money, it allows site foremen and other field staff to complete construction daily logs and other daily reporting over laptops and devices. Not only can this information then be stored digitally for up to ten years, it can be viewed by appropriate parties over a real time dashboard.

This means that project managers can view daily work on a site without having to physically visit a site everyday. Even when a PM does visit a site, they may not be present when changing conditions and situations affecting safety and progress occur. But they no longer have to miss anything, since Raken allows site staff to transmit field notes and photos instantly. Project managers can then issue related directions and assignments back to the field quickly. Raken will inform the sender when the recipient has the information. The result is quicker response times, and faster correction of safety issues.

Field and administrative staff will continue to and should, visit each others' workplaces. But Raken now makes it possible to be in two places at the same time, resulting in safer, more effective, and less costly construction work projects.