The Future of a Construction Jobsite

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Although the construction industry lags behind many others in embracing and adapting new technologies, it's made impressive strides in recent years, especially in adapting construction software for reporting, payroll, and tracking needs. Other technologies that are being tried now that may affect what you see in the future of construction industry sites include:

1. Green Is The Word"Green construction" methods and LEED practices are no longer novelties. In another twenty years, they may well be the way in which structures are built. Look for construction in future to incorporate natural elements in building design, such as thermal heating systems, and landscaping that both recycles and disposes of waste water. Expect future structures to include more recycling (such as plastic beads replacing concrete in flooring) and new methods for traditional projects (hollow beams that literally bend in earthquake-prone areas) as well.

2. Construction Sites Will Be Easier To "Read""Tag" technology is available now via sign posts that allow the contents of supply trucks to be quickly identified as they pull onto job sites. Expect to see more of this mobile construction technology employed in future to give quick updates on progress or problems on a busy job site.

3. I, Robot Am Your New Co-WorkerSelf-driving vehicles are being used in a pilot case to see if they can make road crews safer. 3-D printing methods are being used to construct buildings. Drones are being hailed as non-human photographers, supervisors, and surveyors. And robots at future sites will probably not only perform conventional construction tasks, but supervise other robots as well. While it’s true that all of these methods are being tried in experimental ways at sites, with the exception of drones, these other methods and innovations in the construction industry are decades away from any practical application.

4. No More Paper, No More PensFaster. More efficient. Versatile. Can be stored on cloud platforms for long periods of time. Construction software will probably have replaced conventional reporting methods altogether for firms in the next couple of decades. For example, Raken's app for daily reporting can save up to ninety minutes per day in report filing, can be accessed from a variety of mobile devices, and can be used for collaborative filing. And in addition to its multiple uses, there's an affordable Raken plan out there for every firm. Starting with a free trial, contractors will find a variety of Raken plans that not only can accommodate current needs, but that can be adapted to best suit future ones. And Raken offers subscribers the option of monthly or money saving annual plans, meaning that with Raken, users don't have to wait for the literal future for future technologies to be affordable.