The Raken Elves

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In the spirit of the holidays, we sent out our Raken Elves to visit local jobsites last week. They delivered treats, spread holiday cheer, and read their very special Raken Christmas poem. Based on the positive reactions our elves received, we decided to film their antics, to help provide joy to the entire construction industry. See the video here, and check out the Raken Elves' Christmas poem below!


'Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the trailer
Paper dailies piled high
PMs cursing like sailors

Cabinets exploded with reports from the past 20 years
They were soiled with coffee stains and old ketchup smears

When out on the jobsite, there arose such a clatter
Supers warning foremen to, "Go secure the ladder!"
They forgot to host a toolbox talk and now they're in trouble
How quickly this workload just turned into double

When in walked Raken, with their digital field solution
Streamlined and simple to avoid any confusion

Time cards, materials, production tracking galore
Subs use for free, so you can have more
Add photos and tasks, never drop the ball
Now dash away, dash away, track away all

With the snap of a finger, paper piles disappeared
In the field, in the office, everyone cheered
And just like that, Raken was on their way
Off to the next project to go save the day

Happy holidays, from the entire Raken tribe!