There's a Construction App for That

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construction app

construction app

Applications for construction use have been mentioned here before, but what if you don't need a level or measuring scale? Don't worry. While the construction agency has been late to come to the app game, it has an impressive range of options. Below are examples of better choices for that all-important paperwork.

RakenThis construction mobile app isn’t just handily compatible with a number of mobile devices. Raken's daily reporting software is easy to use and saves up to an hour a day in report filing. As Raken's screens are uniformly compliant with form standards, staff won't have to copy and recopy reports to make sure that they are presentation and court ready. Raken reports can be stored online for up to ten years, eliminating bulky storage methods. And the Raken real time reporting format means that reports can quickly be updated and collaboratively added to. This means that important information updates can be circulated quickly. And reports can be jointly worked on from separate offices, towns, or even countries, saving time and travel expenses, with this easy to use contractor app.

SmartBidNetThis bidding software for both general contractors and subcontractors allows for general bid posting, receiving bid invitations, and storing data and correspondence.

cadTouch R2This construction and contractor app for CAD (computer assisted design) software allows users to draw floor plans, structural parts, facades, diagrams, field notes, land surfaces, and make mechanical drawings. It also allows users to calculate area and perimeter as well as moments of inertia. They can even check their e-mail here. Another construction contractor software by the same manufacturer called cadTouch is compatible only with iTouch.

BuildCalcOne of the first apps for construction calculators on the market, this product is still considered to be one of the best. It offers a number of features and conversion options for many types of general contracting from masonry to drywall to fencing. App screens are set up in spreadsheet mode and the software allows for e-mail access in addition to offering "in-app" support.

BuilderTrendThis highly regarded general contractor software can be used for scheduling, bid management, warranty administration, crm, budgeting, purchase orders, proposals, job costs, work order changes, and timesheets. This general contractor app is compatible with both Windows and Mac and can be also used for messaging and conducting surveys. It can also be used to mark up plans, add documents and photos, and receive payment from clients. BuilderTrend also issues automatic notifications and schedule changes.