Three Ways to Save Big on Your Next Construction Project

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save money in construction

Staying under budget and operating within financial lines during a construction project can be difficult and unforgiving. Sometimes one wrong move, one misplaced order, or one missed step means you’re in budget trouble. Raken is here to help! We’ve uncovered some tricks of the trade for cutting cost and saving money on your next project.

Take Advantage of Tech

One of the quickest ways to save money is to invest in construction management software. When it comes to the basics like daily reports, time cards, and task management, the traditional pen-and-paper process is inefficient and expensive. The cost accumulated from buying paper, printing, filling out reports and time cards by hand, and the time spent transcribing that data to a digital system is unnecessary. 

Here’s where Raken steps in. Construction companies all over the world use Raken to operate in an exponentially more efficient way during projects and development. Through the use of Raken’s key features like daily reports, time cards, task management, and many other features, these construction teams have saved big money. Raken’s construction software sets you up with the ability to have constantly updated data straight from the job site, allowing you to pay close attention to important metrics like productivity, employee hours, and materials used. Being quickly and comprehensively updated on the project site will reduce error, maximize efficiency, and save money.

Construction Technology

“No need to hand fill out a form, just open up the app right from your phone and answer a few questions and leave some comments. Super easy. The money saved from having someone use this app far surpasses the cost of someone having to take time out of the day to fill out a daily report manually and then submit and log it.” - Rafael M.

Motivate Your Manpower

It’s no secret that employees work harder when they are happy and motivated to do their job. According to a study done by Social Market Foundation, happy employees are proven to be 20% more productive than unhappy employees. Traditionally, a large part of the construction process has been at the end of the day when timecards, reports, accidents, and other data needs to be transcribed and filed from paper to some sort of system. A lot of time is spent filling out forms by hand only to be manually transcribed later into a digital system. With families at home and lives outside of work, construction employees want to get the job done and leave the site. Eliminating the pen-and-paper process would allow for workers to leave earlier, enter data and complete reports easier, and would make their overall work more enjoyable. The results of integrating Raken are happier employees who are likely to work harder and be more efficient, fewer hours to be paid, and a large amount of money saved.

Motivate Construction Employees

Save Time, Save Money

With standard, routine tasks on the construction site there is usually an opportunity to improve efficiency, whether it be excavation, concrete pouring, dewatering a worksite, or similar standardized processes. By using the critical path method, tasks are strategically assigned to be tackled in the most efficient order. Raken’s software allows you to schedule those tasks effectively and easily exercise the critical path method. Taking advantage of this feature drastically improves worksite efficiency, resulting in less time spent on tasks and less money spent on the process.

Save Money in Construction

At Raken, we understand that meeting your budget is more than just getting the job done, its people and processes. These tactics will make a big difference in every aspect of your projects and will save you big money at the end of each day.