Tips for Embracing Mobile Technology at Construction Jobsites

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We've written here before more than once about the many benefits of employing mobile devices as computers at construction work sites. They're portable. Cables, wiring, and only being able to hook into intra-office internet systems are no longer issues. Employees with a wide range of IT abilities find them easy to use. And while these tiny phones and tablets do have some limitations, they also have the technological capacity to operate some of NASA's toys.

Sounds great! So let's go down to the nearest big box store, buy a bucket load of disposable smartphones, and.... Okay, slow down. Despite the many advantages of adopting a cloud-based, wireless system for your digital technology needs, all roads have their bumps. The handy "fun size" of these devices makes them easy to lose or have stolen. And speaking of stealing, the virus and malware crises that have long plagued conventional computers and laptops have moved on to their little cousins. And some of these mobile device diseases, like Stage Fright, which can take control of a smartphone and its camera, are especially sophisticated and scary.

So what are we saying here? That mobile technology in construction project management isn’t a good idea, after all? Not at all, but as with any other technology one adopts, going mobile at work should be done thoughtfully. But it's always worth it to implement some construction technology.

Keep Control Of The TechnologyAs a certain potential future President Of The United States could tell you, it's a bad idea to conduct business over private technologies. Aside from the fact that employees shouldn't be required to use or purchase their own mobile devices for work, employers should provide all technology (devices, plans, security services and upgrades) to guarantee:

  • data and site security
  • adequate virus and malware protection
  • device compatibility with software packages

Choose The Right Construction SoftwareIt's not all created equal, it doesn't offer all of the same functions, and not all of it operates on the same systems powering mobile devices. For example, if you're looking for software for construction daily reporting, then choose a product like Raken, which not only provides fields for daily reports, it allows reporters to do weekly and monthly reports as well, aided by features like streaming video and notifications. And Raken delivers all of this via a construction reporting app that delivers fast, easy access to software sites.

Select A Company That's There After The SaleJust because your new construction applications are really cool doesn’t mean that you’ll never have issues with, questions about, or desires to upgrade it. Raken, for example, has its users' backs with Customer Success service seven days a week, plus chat and training services, in addition to customized software packages. So by selecting a company like Raken, construction firms can ride the digital wave with confidence.