Top 5 Construction Companies in the World

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top 5 construction companies in the world

Largest Construction Companies in the World

The re-emergence of the construction industry after a early 21st century slump is certainly not just an American phenomenon. And just as we have our industry leaders here, there are international construction companies that are superstars as well. Some in the industry may currently or will be working for these major construction companies, so it helps to know who they are. And just who is currently topping the global construction firm list?

The Top 5

1. VinciSitting in one place will not get you ahead in business, as the privately owned French company knows. Not only is it one of France's oldest and certainly its largest construction firms. Vinci is the world's single largest construction company with more than 185,000 employees globally and projects that include a:

  • railway system in London, UK
  • expressway in Atlanta, GA
  • natural gas project in Australia

2. Grupo ACSThe product of a late 20th century merger, this Spanish powerhouse offers contracting and maintenance services and specializes in infrastructure and energy. Grupo ACS has a strong presence in Third World countries and one current large project is the construction of a ultra-low sulfur plant in Yokogawa, Mexico.

3. BechtelAmerica's largest contracting firm specializes in construction and engineering and has 53,000 employees worldwide. Bechtel has completed 25,000 projects in 160 countries on 7 continents. Current projects include:

  • petroleum complex in Ohio
  • "regasification" plant in Louisiana
  • multiple construction projects in Middle East
  • creation of new type of communications fiber

4. HochtiefOne of the world's largest construction employers with 80,000 employees globally, this company has worked on a number of American projects under the name Turner Construction Company. Grupo ACS is a major shareholder in this company. Its current projects include the construction of a hotel/convention center in Ohio, and the "Poland Development Project" which will oversee the building, maintenance, and management of office buildings and other structures in that country.

5. SkanskaEmploying more than 50,000 people worldwide, this Swedish company has worked on a number of projects in the United States under other names such as Bayside. Its current projects include a:

  • university dorm in Flordia
  • LEED certified platinum interior for NYC's Empire State Building
  • new viaduct in London, UK

Now that you know what the top 5 construction companies in the world are, learn about the top construction companies in USA.

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