Top 5 Construction Technology Innovations of 2015

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top 5 construction trends 2015

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It's time for the inevitable cavalcade of "Best of 2015" lists. The construction industry certainly isn't immune to this lineup. Indeed, new construction technology of 2015 products routinely coming out simply add more contenders to this list. So who are the nominees for our consideration this year?

5. 3-D PrintingBecause of the waste stream, expense, and possible legal ramifications, the jury's still out on 3-D printing's practical applications. But it's an undeniably cool idea, and so both the general business and construction worlds continue to tweak this technology. In terms of construction, an American architect and a 3-D printing company called D-Shape are collaborating to produce an actual multi-structure estate in New York, laid out by a giant military grade printer. Project completion is anticipated for 2017.

4. Leave The Driving To The VehiclesIf you want a safe or glamorous job, don't be one of those road crew workers that paints lines or sets up traffic cones. Both they and the trucks whose path they're following are in constant danger of being struck by civilian drivers. But the state of Florida is now taking part in a pilot program in which self-driving "crash trucks" are the ones road crews follow. It is hoped that using such vehicles will be both safer and reduce the need for drivers.

3. Fences Make Good NeighborsGeo-fencing is the latest application to make construction technology news these days. The software acts as a "virtual barrier", using GPS to track the location of employees' cell phones and thus employees, for labor and payroll purposes.

2. A Long Drink Of WaterStorm water runoff is a major cause of water pollution, especially for natural waterways like streams and lakes. So there is great interest in a new permeable parking lot concrete called Topmix Permeable. Made by Lafarge Tarmac, the product can absorb and safely disperse up to 1,000 gallons of water per minute.

1. Mobile ApplicationsAs construction moves from paper to digital, Project Managers, Project Engineers, Superintendents and Foremen have begun adopting mobile apps in construction to end field reporting headaches. New construction technology like Raken, the #1 daily reporting app has filled the need with an easy to use, powerful app which allows for reporting, collaboration and compliance.