Transitioning From Pen and Paper Construction Daily Report Templates

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Picture this: It's Egypt, 2500 BC, and you're working on a construction site building some pyramids. Then you hear that the Pharaoh wants to receive updates on the project's progress, so at the end of every day, when everyone else returns to their huts, you have to stay behind and write about what happened onsite. Thus, the art of writing daily reports was born... and hasn't changed since.

Daily reports have been written the same way for thousands of years, and up until recently, no one really thought about creating a better process. At the end of a long workday, all the other guys get to go home, but as the project superintendent, you have to stay behind in the trailer to spend an hour or more hand writing your daily or downloading a free construction daily report template in Excel. Although using the traditional pen and paper construction daily report templates isn't necessarily the wrong way, it's certainly no longer the most efficient. On one hand, you may not carry a notebook around, making it difficult to remember everything you saw during the day, causing your report to lack the level of thoroughness your PM wants. On the other hand, if you hastily jot down notes while walking the jobsite, you may go back to the trailer at the end of the day just to realize you can't even read your own handwriting. No matter which way you swing it, handwritten construction daily report templates prevent them from being the best they can be. With the evolution of construction management software in the past few decades, there have been attempts at improving the daily reporting experience, but most of the time these solutions are clunky or confusing, causing extra, unnecessary stress.

Just because something ain't broke, doesn't mean you can't still fix it. Handwriting dailies may just be the way things have always be done, and that's how you were taught to do it. However, at this point, practically every industry in the world has gone digital, so it's logical that construction also adapts to modern times. Think about how far tractor and equipment design has come. You don't use archaic, rudimentary construction tools, so why would you stick with an outdated daily reporting procedure?

Construction Daily Report Template

Change Up the Old-School Construction Daily Report Template

Superintendents are often hesitant to let go of their pen and paper construction daily report templates, because they don't want to get stuck with something that takes even longer than the original process. This is a valid concern, as the early versions of construction management software didn't prove to be super successful in the field. While they weren't perfect, they helped pave the way for modern solutions that superintendents and foremen actually want to use, such as Raken. Raken's goal is to be as simple as possible, so you can produce professional quality daily reports, stay organized, and keep your PM happy while avoiding any tech-related headaches. The app is designed to be a super's best friend, aiming to be there for you wherever the job takes you. With Raken, you'll never have to keep track of messy documents again: the app works as a digital toolbox that keeps all information and data in one place. Plus, you can complete all of your daily administrative tasks within the Raken app in a jiffy.

At Raken, we don't mess around. We know that you can't afford to waste any of your precious time learning how to use a construction app or poking around a free construction daily report template in Excel, so we made on-boarding so easy, your 87 year old, never-used-a-computer grandma could do it (but it's probably best if she stays away from heavy machinery on a construction site). The whole point of Raken is to save you time and frustration, and in order to do that, we had to build the world's easiest to use construction app. We're aware that up until now, pen and paper was least complicated way to record time cards, dailies, and safety incidents, so we wanted to recreate the simplicity of that experience with our app, while adding the organization and speed that guys in the field could really take advantage of.

Simplify Your Reporting

We can all remember a time in which we've spilled a drink onto some important papers, ruining whatever was written on them. Yeah, spilling something onto a smartphone isn't exactly a winning move, but if something did happen to your phone or tablet, Raken's got everything stored through the app, so your files are accessible from any device. In addition to cloud-based storage, all of Raken's features are made for the greatest ease of use in the field, and photo management is no exception. We know that some supers have to manually upload photos at the end of the day, and let's be honest here, sometimes construction sites can look the same, so it's totally possible to mix up snapshots from different days, and occasionally even different locations. Errors like this can lead to confusion regarding materials, progress, and even site safety, but are easy to avoid with Raken. Because the process of capturing and uploading photos can be done in-app and instantaneously, there's no chance of causing a hiccup in communication. With auto-send capabilities, instead of having to remember to email photos and files over to your PM, they'll be notified of any updates, and they can view progress on the dashboard at any time. Less time spent on your phone / computer means more time to actually work, making everyone happy. Can't do that with pen and paper!

Ever have trouble keeping track of paper timesheets? With Raken, you can add your crew to your project so everyone's time cards are filled out and in the same place. Your payroll admin will thank you, and you can stop nagging the guys to log their hours. Currently, you might write down your to-do lists in your notebook, or manage tasks through some sort of planner, but with Raken, task management is easier than ever before. You can assign tasks to members of your crew, and get notified as soon as they're completed. Not only does this save you the effort of making sure everyone is doing what they're supposed to, but also helps the crew stay on top of things in general. Again, this feature syncs with the folks in the office, and can include tasks for them to complete as well.

Daily Report Template Construction

Say Goodbye to Pen and Paper Construction Daily Report Templates

If you're still filling out your daily reports with pen and paper in a construction daily report template, you're certainly not alone, but the construction industry is shifting to adopt new technology for both the office and the field. We're here to help you make the shift, while keeping your sanity intact. We want you to save time, not waste it learning some fancy tech program, so we designed Raken to be the simplest, most user-friendly construction app for the field. Once you give Raken a shot, you'll be putting that dusty old notebook on the shelf for good. Don't get us wrong, we love the classics just as much as anyone else, but as far as daily reporting goes, it's time for an update.