Upgrade Your Raken Plan

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With the new year just around the corner, there's probably a lot of planning going on in the office: how many new hires to take on, which projects to bid on, and where to invest while getting the most return to grow the business. That's where we'd like to make a suggestion: how about upgrading to the Raken Professional Plan?

What You've Got with Basic

Before we go ahead and tell you what you'll get if you choose to upgrade your plan in the new year, let's go through and quickly summarize what you've got now on the basic plan.

  • Unlimited Projects

    That's right, you can use Raken on an unlimited number of projects- there's no cap involved.

  • Automatic Weather Capture

    No more having to dig into the NOAA website to get the official weather on site that day.

  • Voice-to-Text

    Typing with gloves on is hard- just speak into your phone or device and the notes are taken for you.

  • Daily Reports

    The complete Raken daily reporting workflow: finished in minutes, complete with photos.

  • Tasks

    Assign tasks to anyone in your Raken projects and track their status.

  • Dashboard Activity

    A real-time dashboard of everything that happened on site that day.

    As you can tell, the Raken basic plan is great for filling out your daily reports. But that's one workflow of many that keep a jobsite running smoothly and communicating what's happening back to the office.

The Raken Professional plan gives you everything that you have with basic and expands the trademark Raken ease-of-use into other workflows to save you even more time in the field without having to learn complicated new technologies.

Easy Construction Time Cards

The biggest benefit that you'll get with a Raken Professional plan is access to our entire suite of construction time card features. Since we introduced time cards in early 2018 the response from our users has been enthusiastic to say the least. And it's not just because Raken Time Cards uses the same easy interface that we introduced with daily reports. Raken's time cards features are actually saving users money by keeping a closer track of labor hours in the field.

Just take the case of John Albert, CEO of Unified Building Group. According to Albert, "Getting unpredictable job reporting for man hours from subcontractors can eat a company alive, and Raken helps get our costs dialed in. We want to use real data, so the hours that the subcontractors plug in helps us find discrepancies." Finding those discrepancies and correcting them has saved UBG time and money. "With Raken we get actual costs and hours so we can go in and see the actual lessons learned, checking the budget to the actuals," Albert says, "I look at man-hours in Raken and then decide what I need to do at the end of the job to be more competitive."

Raken Time Cards

Albert and UBG use Raken's time cards to track hours in the field, which keeps costs down and gives the office more accurate data to work with so they can be more competitive next time. Ultimately, time cards will save your superintendents time processing hours to focus on managing the construction site and critical tasks that come up. Plus, payroll will receive the reports right from the field.

Real-Time Analytics

But what do we do with all of that time card and daily report data that's coming from the field? Raken's entire purpose is to streamline workflows for the guys in the field, allowing them to do the paperwork quickly and accurately.

All this speed and accuracy means that, with Raken, you'll be getting more data than ever from the field, and Raken's construction data insights dashboard is the perfect place to turn it into actionable insights. Check your manpower hours over time and across your projects. See which projects have the most safety incidents. Discover which sites have the best compliance, and which are falling behind, all at a glance. The insights dashboard is your single source for all the data you're gathering in Raken, giving you visibility into the field in a way that you've never seen before.

Raken Insights

Construction App Integrations

We're a mobile-first solution for the construction field, which means that we were designed specifically to be easy to use for the superintendent and foreman. Every aspect of our design, from the buttons to how you move through the screens, was designed with the field in mind, trimming minutes off of a daily reporting workflow. We realized, however, that by being so focused on the field we needed to integrate with other apps that had their own specialties in order to be of the most use.

That's why we host a number of construction app integrations that communicate with all of the major construction management platforms, so you can use Raken in the field where it matters and all the information will be stored in the software you're already using to keep track of the rest of your business. With the Raken professional plan you gain full access to all of our integrations:

  • Box
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Egnyte
  • Procore
  • Prolog
  • Autodesk BIM 360
  • OneDrive

A Goal for 2019

So as you're sitting with your team brainstorming how to improve the business in 2019 here's our suggestion: upgrade from Raken basic to a professional plan. You keep what you love, and add features that have been proven to save construction professionals time and money. You'll save hours in the field with time cards, and a lot of headache in the office with the insights dashboard. You'll be able to weave Raken into the software the company is already using with integrations, and ensure daily report compliance across sites and subcontractors.

A more organized and efficient 2019 is ready and waiting for you, so why not start by scheduling a demo and let us personally show you what Raken's professional plan can do for your business in the coming year.