Using Mobile Apps to Streamline Construction

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mobile apps streamline construction


Mobile applications have very quickly gone from being non-existent to novelties to an essential way of doing business as mobile devices begin to replace traditional computers. This is especially exciting news for the construction industry, since construction worksites don't traditionally lend themselves well to IT equipment. But how exactly can these construction apps work for your company?

They Make Reporting EasierReporting at numerous levels is an inescapable part of construction work. In the not so distant past, those reports had to be transcribed from handwritten ones, taking time, and making it difficult to add to them or make quick updates. Raken's construction project software app for daily reporting allows anyone to compose legible, uniform reports quickly that can be added to or updated rapidly in real time.

Paperwork Is No Longer MisplacedRemember how paperwork used to get passed around for transcription or review and would be damaged or disappear in the mail or between departments? With contractor apps like Raken’s, reports are transmitted to appropriate parties with the click of a button. Firms no longer have to retain boxes of paper files for years either, as Raken's app allows entire files to be stored for up to ten years.

Apps Are Faster Than Existing IT SystemsMany construction firms are hanging on to old ERP or legacy software systems from the late 1990s and early 21st century. After all, they cost a lot of money, and according to their manufacturers, could do anything for an office, including washing out the coffee pot and locking up. The reality is though, that these ERP systems are slow and clunky when it comes to office "multi-tasking". Their installation often involved creating an IT department as well. But by using individual task specific apps, tasks are completed more quickly and efficiently, and IT services are provided by the software manufacturer. App programs are also much easier to customize than ERP ones.

There's A Construction App For ThatAlthough ERP programs claim to be able to meet all of a firm's needs, they're often very limited in what they can provide. In addition to Raken, apps exist for the construction industry that can track supply chains, calculate loads, detect building defects, convert measurements, and turn a little smartphone into traditional construction site tools, such as levels and scales. Mobile apps get both bids and bills to clients more quickly, meaning firms get paid more quickly, too.