Using Technology to Ward Off Litigation at the Construction Job Site

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Construction companies face the threat of litigation for many reasons – from lawsuits filed by unhappy clients to claims from workers injured on the job. Today's complex construction projects make disputes between stakeholders, contractors and suppliers almost inevitable. These issues can become costly lawsuits if not resolved.  This leads to the necessity of documenting every issue that could result in construction litigation on the job site.

According to APH Law PLLC, reports from the field are a vital component in defending against litigation:

As a construction contractor, your field documents are vital to protecting you from legal issues. Not only do you need to meticulously maintain all of your field documents, including daily logs, field reports, change order forms, and force accounts, but you also need to constantly ensure that your field documents are consistent with the prime contract you have with the owner of the property.

This leads to a challenge. Few workers given the task of job site documentation have the time to document issues consistently or recognize the details necessary for the report. There is a need for time-efficient and easy ways to record the necessary reports. Raken, named the No. 1 daily reporting software and mobile app at Associated General Contractors National, is designed to do exactly that. It can provide a layer of protection from liability. It simplifies the process of managing your daily reporting and centralizes the data in one easily searchable database. Project managers can view updates from the job site in real-time. It can also provide important safety and delay notifications via text message and email.

Kirk Retz, writing for the Baker, Burton & Lundy blog, said this about the importance of maintaining a proper job file:

This will be the best source of information about what happened on the job as it happened. You will be asked many questions about what you did, why you did it, and why you did not do something else. Most lawsuits are not filed until long after the job is completed. No one can remember all of the details of a job that was completed 100 jobs ago.

It's easy to say “document everything,” but that's not possible in the real world. Field personnel should document only the most important data elements. The most innovative construction companies automate the documentation process with mobile technology like Raken.

Raken's clean, intuitive mobile interface is easy to use from the field. This not only saves time, but it improves accuracy. Waiting to document issues at the end of the workday is a foolproof way for inaccuracies to creep in or incidents to be forgotten. Recording the data as it happens can go a long way to provide the crucial, accurate information to protect you from liability if a dispute ends up in court.

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