What Cities Are Having a Growth Spurt in 2015?

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Construction Growth

Construction City Growth Spurt

US fastest growing cities are an especial boon to those who work in all facets of the construction industry. But where to go for all of this work, and are all of these cities even worth the trip? Below are a few with especially attractive prospects for general contractors in the construction industry. As a added benefit, many of these locations are attractive for reasons that have nothing to do with construction.

Atlanta, GeorgiaThe "winner" here with the most new building projects, Atlanta is also something of a comeback kid. It suffered some major construction slumps in the early 21st century, especially in the building of private residences. A number of contractors are currently working on private home projects however, including developments. In addition to downtown building projects, Atlanta is seeing an increase in suburban commercial projects as well, such as the addition of retail stores to malls.

Oklahoma City, OklahomaNot a destination city, you say? Take that back!  Not only is its government building getting big renovations, the city is also seeing major construction industry growth in the form of residences and hotels. Other projects include a new medical center for the city, and in the in-progress OK Sea, a downtown mix of eateries and retail shops, constructed largely from used sea going shipping containers.

Phoenix, ArizonaThere's a lot to like about Arizona. It has the country's best weather, and in Phoenix, lots of new construction projects. In addition to a new medical center, its in progress or about to break ground projects include a new Arizona State University building and three new high rises. Construction of private homes is also booming in Phoenix.

Seattle, WashingtonIn terms of population growth, the entire state is fairly stagnant. But in various parts of the state, home and some commercial building is seeing a very healthy comeback, and Seattle in particular is enjoying a construction boom. The city had more than a hundred new construction projects green-lit by the end of 2014. This represents the largest amount of construction in Seattle in a decade. Projects range from renovations of older buildings, to construction of brand new ones, to new parks and other outdoor public areas.

Houston, TexasThis area was a big project leader last year, and it's not looking as though 2015 will be a bust one for it. While commercial and retail building is slowing down, at least three new retail projects are planned for the area this year, while private home and developed community construction remains robust.