What to Look for in a Construction App

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Construction App

Construction App 

There has been a lot of discussion within the industry of web based construction management software and its many potential uses in construction, especially the use of applications (apps) over mobile devices and tablets. It all sounds great, doesn't it? Used appropriately, these apps for construction can file reports more efficiently, reduce the number of face to face meetings needed, and create safer workplaces with quicker notifications of hazards and safety issues.

In the good old days of a few years ago, someone from a firm would have to purchase software and install it themselves. Now, providers of Software as a Solution (SaaS) take care of this for subscribers by computer powered solutions stored on the cloud. This means data can be accessed from almost any computer or device in a number of locations, allow for real time reporting and updates, and makes collaborative work easier, even when teams are physically separated. That said, not all SaaS packages are the same, or even appropriate for construction needs. So what should be looked for when considering a SaaS for your firm?

Does The SaaS Provider App Work Across Platforms?Or in other words, does it truly provide a mobile application that can be used on various devices, or is its use limited?

Customer SupportYour SaaS provider should be taking care of all your IT needs from answering operating questions to resolving issues. Are they?

ReliabilityNothing is full proof, and subscribers must bear some responsibility concerning their own Internet connection health. But a good SaaS provider should be able to offer subscribers information on its health service dashboard, data exchange speed, and tools used to protect data. They should also be covered by business liability insurance and offer subscribers warranties and representations.

ReviewsCan you find a review of the product on the App Store, or App Guru, or any of the many other app sites that allow you to see what your colleagues think of it after having tried it?

And perhaps most importantly:

How Easy Is It To Use, And Do You Actually Need It? Are the appropriate fields easy to use and find, or are you bogged down in a sea of screens? Are the fields and features useful to you for daily reporting and other tasks, or should you might as well be playing a game?

If the app you've found meets all of the above criteria, then you've found Raken.