Where You Can Find Construction Toolbox Talks

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Here’s the situation: you’re a superintendent and need to find a toolbox talk on a specific subject for your site. Or let’s say you’re a safety manager and you’ve decided you need to add a toolbox talk to your schedule. When you look for one on the web and find one, how do you know if their information is reliable? What if you find a talk containing false information, and it results in a workplace accident? If you are searching for toolbox talks online, and your company doesn't have its own supply, you've got to make sure you're going to a trustworthy source.
It can be hard to tell what websites are legitimate, and you can spend hours scouring the depths of the internet only to hit dead ends. A quick Google search reveals a plethora of websites that supposedly provide free toolbox talks, but you've probably found that a fair amount of them don't actually contain anything useful, or look like they haven't been updated since before the new millennium - and obviously, construction sites (and safety regulations) have changed since the turn of the century. Luckily for you, we've done some of the leg work for you and found some trustworthy sources for toolbox talks that can be your new go-tos.



Throughout the duration of a project, you will encounter a wide variety of safety issues that require their own toolbox talks. Ideally, you'll have a place to go where you can find construction toolbox talks for any safety concern, so you don't need to go digging through the web. Raken, your go-to software for field management, has recently released a new safety feature that includes a library of 25 pre-loaded toolbox talks. Toolbox Talks joins Raken's daily reporting, time cards, and photo management features as key field management tools that are now easily accessible from the palm of your hand.
To view and schedule Raken Toolbox Talks, all you need to do is open the safety tab, search through the talks, and find the one relevant to your project. You can also upload your own talks if you have some saved from other projects. The web and mobile apps make it super easy to bulk schedule talks across more than one project, so if you're working on several jobsites, you can plan exactly when and which talks are given.


CPWR serves as the center for construction research and training and offers free access to content for those in the construction industry who want to further their own or their crew's knowledge on safety and accident prevention. Their website hosts a page filled with research projects specifically devoted to hazards associated with construction that may not be visible risks on jobsites, including chemical dangers, addiction, working in hot weather, and more.
Under their training tab, there are descriptions of the training services they provide, including training for those who will be instructing others on jobsite safety. Toolbox talks can be found in the publications section of the website, and have been created in compliance with The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). These talks are very brief, but offer the basics for a range of safety concerns with anecdotes and pointers that are easy to share onsite.


The American Supply Association (ASA) generally serves the plumbing/heating industries, but the majority of their OSHA compliant toolbox talks offered on their website are applicable to most jobsites. This collection of toolbox talks is great for broad discussions with your crews, like prioritizing safety, communicating about hazards, workplace housekeeping, and more.
These talks are definitely great to give to those who are new to construction and still learning their way around jobsites, but also serve as excellent refreshers for industry veterans and even yourself! The toolbox talks on ASA's website go into depth on each topic and provide insight on modern risks such as cell phone usage on construction sites, which is especially important for those who use mobile apps like Raken while walking the jobsite.


Safety Month is Every Month

We may be wrapping up National Safety Month, but we will all continue to work toward making construction sites safer until we can lower workplace injury rates. There are a number of ways to help prevent accidents on the jobsite, and toolbox talks play a key role in the process. Your tailgate meetings can make the difference in saving workers' lives, so it's critical to know where to find construction toolbox talks that contain useful and accurate information. Although there are a million places to look for toolbox talks on the web, we selected some sources that provide easy-to-digest content highlighting various risks commonly seen on jobsites.