Why Construction Daily Reporting Needs Customization

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Daily Reporting

Cookie cutter daily reporting tools for construction just don't work. They don't work because they make one terrible assumption: that every single project is the same. Whether it's the latest daily reporting technology or a pen and paper template, they all make this same mistake. And it's a killer.

Why You Need Daily Reporting Customization

You need custom reports because when you are working with a general template you run into the following problems that make anyone you report to unsatisfied:

  • Incomplete information- the report doesn't have everything
  • No visibility- the right people aren't getting the report
  • Redundant information- the report has all the right information, just too much of it

In the end you've wasted everyone's time. The GC or Project Manager is upset because they aren't seeing what they need. Or, they have to wade through a huge report (that you spent an hour putting together) to get what the few key pieces of information they wanted. That is if they got the report in the first place.

Most superintendents and subcontractors agree that customized daily reports for each job site would be amazing. But, they don't have the time to sit down every day and write down specialized information for each site they are working on every single day. That's where technology can help.

Daily Reports Built For Your Needs

With Raken you can either start with our construction daily reporting template (tried and true, perfected over years of real-world experience) or modify it on a per-project basis. Templates can be modified to include only the information you want to see on a specific project, or made uniform for the whole company. It's up to you.

Either way, modifying a template is as simple as toggling certain fields on or off, adding a question or two depending on the project, and clicking save. Raken gives you the ability to add fields to your report, such as:

  • Work Logs
  • Notes
  • Safety Observations
  • Quality Control Observations
  • No Work
  • Unsigned Reports
  • Missed Reports

But we didn't just give you the ability to add fields to your report. Raken's app has been designed to make filling out these fields fast and easy- you can dictate notes, add pictures on the go, then sign and send it right from your phone. With Raken you can work on your customized report throughout the day and send it off as soon as the work is done.

Customizable Surveys

Using Raken, you can also add daily survey questions based on the individual needs for each project. You can customize the Survey section to enter all the questions that your project or company requires as a whole. The daily survey feature can be used to create a custom safety checklist or questions designed to aid in maintaining project compliance.

Personalized Sharing Options

Not only can reports be customized to include the information you want, you can set exactly who gets the reports and when they are sent: no more managers constantly wondering where their reports are. You can set the app to send your reports at a certain time each day to certain people, and you can even set a reminder for yourself beforehand to finish the report in time.

Not only can you choose who gets the reports (delivered as a professional PDF with your logo and company branding) delivered to their inbox, you can also customize the contents of the report based on the individual who is getting it. If the owner only wants to see the safety incidents for each day, or the GC only needs to know about total manpower hours, you can configure the app to automatically send reports with just that information every day. Raken can do all this from a single report that you filled out in minutes.

Integration Choices

Custom reports aren't the only way Raken’s construction management app can be tailored to meet your individual needs. We offer full integration with some of the top construction project management and file sharing platforms so you can make sure the information is getting to the right people every time. This lets users easily sync daily reports and photos to the platform of their choice with a single click. No more hours spent manually inputting information into different programs.

Raken works with the following platforms:




Raken also works with these cloud data storage services so your information is synced in real-time:

  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive

Time-Saving Features

Raken's app was built with the goal of saving you time and energy in your daily reports no matter which project you're on. Our app lets you create a custom daily reporting template fast, and fill it out during the day even faster. It's speed without sacrificing thorough information,

Try a 15-day free trial of our mobile construction app and find out how it can be customized to make managing your unique projects faster and easier.