Why Going Best-Of-Breed Might Be the Right Choice for Your Tech Startup

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Startups usually start with, if we’re being honest, grandiose dreams of a single piece of technology to solve all the problems that you’ve observed in your chosen field.While that idea is certainly not lacking in nobility, in practicality it’s a little broad.

Stan Singh, Director of Product Management at Raken, took a minute to discuss how choosing to be a “best-of-breed” solution has worked for that company.In the video, he explains what a best-of-breed technology solution is, how it is different from larger “all-in-one” solutions, and how one goes about choosing a focus as well as when to expand into new areas.

If you are playing with a new piece of technology that you want to spin into a business this video is worth a watch, as it might help you decide that maybe starting off by solving 1 or 2 problems is a great way to expand into solving all of them.