The Construction App Built for the Field

Innovative mobile technology designed to streamline field workflows for construction workers.

Quick & intuitive daily reporting

We've created a daily report tool designed to make everyone's days easier, from the field to the office. Our daily reporting feature is here to replace the tedium of writing out dailies by hand, double-entry, and miscommunication with the office. Use Raken Daily Reporting to quickly and easily fill out dailies on your smart phone. The days of sifting through piles of paperwork are over.

Simplify payroll processing

Keeping track of hours and payroll processing has never been so easy. Specific cost codes help with budget tracking, and hours can be split between regular and overtime. As soon as you log hours into the mobile app from the field, the payroll admin can access them in the office and avoid any mixups or misunderstandings. Say goodbye to paper time cards, forever.

Picture perfect

You can capture photos and videos through the app to automatically upload to your project's gallery. This gives anyone with dashboard access a window into the jobsite, so those in the office can see progress, instead of just hearing about it. You'll never have to deal with slowly uploading photos from your camera to the computer again... or project managers asking for photos.

Consistent, collated reports

Superintendents receive dailies from each of their subs, submitted through the app at the end of the day. They then collate these into one report, including their personal daily log, creating a Super Daily, which is sent off to the project manager at the end of the day. The app is designed to eliminate double entry and give you back some time each day.

Sync your to-do list

Tasks are assigned to specific individuals or crews, both in the office and the field, and are either marked open or closed. Instead of having to verbally inform crew members of their duties for the day, you can use Raken's construction task management tool to ensure clear communication. You can attach media and notes to tasks, providing specific descriptions or instructions to the assignee. It's never been easier to stay on top of who's meant to do what.

No service, no problem

Limited internet access on the jobsite? No need to wave your phone in the air to try to find a signal. All of Raken's features can be used offline, so you can enter info on the go without having to worry about losing any valuable data or content. Anything that has been entered will automatically upload once you have service, so you don't have to give it a second thought.

We've got you covered, rain or shine

We know that weather can play a huge role in how much progress is made every day on a jobsite, and that it's important to include weather data in reports, but sometimes the days blend together. Instead of having to retroactively search for specific day's weather conditions, your construction app can serve as your memory. Raken automatically places the day's weather in your reports for you. You can't always rely on the weather, but you can depend on Raken.

Talk the talk, while you walk

Not a fan of walking and typing simultaneously? Raken offers the option of recording speech to text, so you can walk, talk, and create your daily logs all at the same time.

The big picture, delivered right to your inbox

Raken gives the option for reports and updates to be sent on an automated schedule, giving you one less thing to deal with during the day. We know that you've got a ton of work on your plate, so we want to be more than just a standard construction project management software. Raken is the construction app that has your back.

Raken App Ratings & Reviews

Raken offers streamlined construction apps for both Apple and Android devices. Read what users are saying about the app performance and experience. Download Raken free from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Great Time Saver!

This app has made a big impact on our company. We have tried to get our field Superintendents to stop using the “old green book” and try a digital version. This app is easy to use and saves our guys several hours per week by not having a re-enter the same data everyday. The daily survey is a great option now that you can customize it.

Great App
Tj bobcat

I usually don't write reviews. I recently started a new job, with lots of paperworks & job tracking. I was overwhelmed at first. I found Raken & tried free version. After a week upgraded & have been satisfied since. Thank you Raken. Todd.

The Old Guy Likes it

I’used a few apps in the past as well as being an “old timer” in the construction industry. This is an amazing tool, for the super using it. You can do your daily reports as your day moves forward, the pm who tracks progress and problems, and estimating to see where they can improve their negotiating and job costing skills. The app is easy to go to and get to where you want to be. It takes the routine out of routine weather entries out of your time and puts it out in a clean pdf format. Notes, easy photo attachments it’s great.

Perfect Daily App
Behrooz M

I have been using this app since I discovered it four years ago. As with every good app they have been very receptive to input from construction individuals and implementing them to tweak it even better. For my money I don’t know a better daily app out there and I tried a few and always gone back to Raken. It is obviously designed with construction professional’s input and fills a huge gap in my efforts to spend more time in the field than the office. I am sold! Keep up the good work!

The Real Deal
F.D. Tokarz

This rakenapp not only is way above the rest, the customer service is outstanding. The developer even called me to make sure I was optimizing its potential. Very intuitive. I’ve ran others that were inferior in every way. I am a field guy and these guys make me look like I have an office staff. It makes me look smarter than I am. I’ve only been running it for five days and I have had three compliments already. Do try it and you will see what I mean.

Raken is Top Notch

Raken is easy to use with loads of great features. They re constantly trying to improve their product. Emma Rose was very friendly, knowledgeable, and engaging in a brief Raken teaching seminar in Texas recently. Thank you.