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Enhance your overall safety and quality with:

  • Digital checklists and custom templates
  • Streamlined field workflows in the app
  • Better documentation and incident prevention

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Checklists made for construction

Improve your communication from the field to the office with easy-to-use digital checklists. Eliminate paperwork and increase your visibility with everything in one place, without switching apps or scrolling through templates that aren’t relevant to you.

safety checklists for construction


Make safety the priority

Ensure your crews stay compliant with company protocols by making it easy to document their proactive safety measures. The easier it is to fill out forms, the more likely it is they’ll get completed.

quality control checklists for construction


Spot any issues early

In order to provide the highest quality product, you need to know what’s going on in real time. Document all your inspections and proactive quality audits.

Easy to create, even easier to complete

For each project, your field crews can complete any checklists straight from the mobile app. It saves them time, and gives you better jobsite updates automatically to eliminate wasted resources.

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Streamline field workflows

Field teams can respond to pre-established questions directly in the app. The office can see their answers once the checklist is completed and signed—no extra papers or back-and-forth emails required.

Custom templates for safety and quality

We’ve created some templates for you to start using right away (including COVID-specific ones), or you can create your own. Our checklists are completely customizable to your specific needs.

Library of construction checklist templates

You and your teams can start using these right away, or create unlimited customized templates of your own.

Increase project visibility and compliance

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Incident Prevention

Foster a culture of safety

Make sure everyone is doing their part to prevent injuries and accidents with proper documentation that won’t drain your resources.

safety communication template

Faster Communication

Improve documentation

Get updates faster by reducing the steps for submitting and documenting proactive safety and quality measures.

quality control checklists

Quality Control

Monitor projects closely

Keep tabs on your projects to ensure everything is meeting contract standards. By documenting quality control protocols, you can ensure you’ll provide a high-quality product.

I can quickly set up Safety Checklists, with seamless execution on mobile for field walks. It’s very useful to keep completed checklists and time-stamped documentation all within Raken. Ricky Ventura, Safety Officer at Zavala Corporation

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