OSHA Hand and Power Tools Inspection Checklist

Hand and power tools are essential to all types of construction. This checklist is a reference that reinforces safe use and operation of most hand and power tools.

Question Response Type
1. Is the right tool being used for the task? Yes No N/A
2. Have the tools been inspected daily to ensure good working order? Yes No N/A
3. Have damaged tools be removed from circulation until repaired? Yes No N/A
4. Are all chucks, collars and protective guards installed and in use on the tools? Yes No N/A
5. Are all blades and bits kept sharp and free of visible damage such as cracks, dents or bends? Yes No N/A
6. Are all wires or cords (if any) in good working condition with no visibile damage or electrical modifications? Yes No N/A
7. Is the appropriate PPE being worn with the hand or power tool? Yes No N/A

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