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A Day in the Life: Raken Toolbox Talks

Without Raken

Step 1
During the day at the jobsite, some safety issues arise.

Step 2
Find time to search for and print the appropriate toolbox talk to address the safety issue.

Step 3
Perform toolbox talk and collect individual signatures on paper.

Step 4
Scan toolbox talk and sign-in sheet at the office, or leave it in a binder.

Step 5
Manually collect all toolbox talk documents.

Step 6
Manually enter documents into one Excel sheet and prepare a safety report for executives.

With Raken

Step 1
During the day at a jobsite, some safety issues arise.

Step 2
Open up the Raken app and find the appropriate toolbox talk to address the safety issue.

Step 3
Review the toolbox talk with the crew and collect signatures through the app or with a photo.

Step 4
Information is automatically accessible to the Safety Manager.

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Get Ahead of Construction Safety

Raken Toolbox Talks allow you to bulk schedule talks for every project. Simply select the talks you'd like to add to the schedule and your superintendents in the field will find them in their Raken app. When they conduct the meeting and collect signatures either digitally or with a photo, compliance is then automatically sent back to the office. Should you start a new project, they'll be automatically added to the cadence to keep everyone on the same page.

Readily Available

Raken Toolbox Talks allow you to host an entire library of talks within the app. Simply upload your toolbox talks into Raken and they'll be available whenever and wherever you need them. Search through your toolbox talks to find the perfect topic for your jobsite, knowing they'll always be up to date and company-approved. Let's see a binder do that.

A Report Card for Toolbox Talks Compliance

No more making calls or sending emails to figure out which sites have been doing their toolbox talks. No more wondering who's been attending. Get all your toolbox talk insights in one place. Raken allows you to see completed talks, missed talks, and the compliance percentage for each individual project.

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