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Measure project productivity to increase profitability

"Raken is a great solution that helps our customers track productivity to increase profitability."
– Ro Bhatia, CEO of PlanHub

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Digital Daily Reports

Save time each day. Collect data, enter notes, and take pictures with the easy-to-use mobile app as you walk the jobsite. Everything is automatically compiled into a branded PDF report.

Flexible Time Cards

Track time for both crews and individuals. With custom pay types, shifts, breaks, and overtime rules, getting everyone accurately paid is more efficient than ever.

Material Tracking

Gone are the days of trying to remember how much crews used or installed. Record quantities of materials throughout the day and assign them to cost codes.

Equipment Management

Enter rented and owned equipment for every project. Automatically calculate the usage and days on-site to stay on-budget and on top of any areas to improve.

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Production Insights

Data entered from the field shows up in real time, so you can compare cost codes and actual vs. budgeted to find trends and make better decisions before its too late.

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Automated Distribution

Send daily, weekly, and monthly reports to any stakeholders or project collaborators. Everything is stored in one place as documented proof for when you need it.

Integrate Raken with top construction software

Bring Raken's real-time field data and reports to your existing project management, cloud storage, and accounting tools. Connect your platforms today for better documentation, mitigated risk, and streamlined workflows.

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